Part 19 (Finally)

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Alan shook his head in disgust and walked out of the room. He didn't even care, I just warned him of a catastrophic event that could destroy his whole kingdom, and he just walks away?

 My mind is not unprotected. What did he think I did growing up? Play with those human toys, what are they called...Barbies? No. I was trained in mental and physical abilities. Put through cruel torture, so that if I were ever captured by one of our enemies they wouldn't be able to break me. I would keep all of daddy's little secrets.

Anger surged through me. If he wasn't going to do anything to protect his people, then I sure as hell will.

I ran my hands over the long gown I had dressed in, and smoothed it down before holding my head up high and re-entering the ballroom. The music stopped for a moment, silence sounding through out the room.

I cleared my throat, giving one last final look to Alan, I knew that after I finished saying what needed to be said, I would have to go into hiding.

"My I have your attention please!" I called out, and everything came to a halt. From the look of surprise on people's face no one had expected for me to even speak to them, not to mention address the whole Werewolf Kingdom.

"Thank You. Several moments ago you may have noticed that I stepped out of the ballroom." Murmurs erupted as people looked at each other and began to discuss what I had said. Though I don't see what there was to discuss, as I had only begun to tell them what I had sought out to say.

"I had to leave the room because I was getting my first vision. I spoke to your King but he finds what I say to be untrue, and worthless. You may not feel the same way," at this point the King himself was rising from his chair, quietly ordering his guards to seize me before I could say anything more.

"My parents, King Jupiter and Queen Venus, will attack all the Kingdoms. They plan to murder me and then continue to conquer all the Kingdoms. Beginning with yours."

Chaos erupted woman screaming out their husbands names, couples charging towards the doors where the King's guards stood, blocking their only exit.

I looked to my right to see Alan charging towards me anger on his face. It was time for me to leave.

Using my mental powers I sent a thought into his mind, "I'm sorry. They deserved to know." With that said, I called on powers from my true form, and managed to transport myself to the only safe place I still knew of.

Cowen's apartment.


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