Chapter 88.

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Shravan's POV.

"Shravan!" Sumo sounded impatient as she stepped out of the study after me. I stopped to give her an irritated look.

"Sumo we can talk later. Within a few hours the officers will have enough on them and will break into the gangsters hide out."

"What about this thing inside me?" she asked coming to stand close to me looking sad. I felt bad for having snapped at her. She is going through so much and is still holding strong.

"I will not let anything happen to you Sumo. It will be out of you very soon, as soon as these criminals are behind bar." I said cupping her face between my hands.

Her eyes swam with the inner emotions reflecting through them. "What makes it so complicated that it could not be taken out even after so many days?" she looked at me willing me with her eyes to tell the truth.

I looked down not able to look at her and meet her eyes. She was living in danger and I was helpless to take the danger away from her right away.

"Shravan?" Her voice coaxed me to look up and meet her eyes. "It's not your fault whatever it is. You have been trying so hard to do everything to keep me safe, to make me happy. But the world does .not always allow us to do or get what we work hard towards or what we deserve." She placed her face on my chest and wrapped her arms around my waist.

"I should have been more careful" I said pulling her closer.

"Shravan you have to stop blaming yourself every time something happens to me." she said pulling her face away "I need to know what risk I am living with, and you have to tell me. It is not fair you take all the burden on yourself."

I sighed knowing she will not rest easy and will continue to worry. I know her well and I know she will only worry more unless she knows the details.

"The flashes of light outside your room reflected RIP. The tiny needle that had been attached to-" I had to gulp down the dread within me before continuing "- the ice bullet aimed at you also had ricin poison. I will not go into too much details but the symbol of this natural based poison is RIP" Sumo nodded impatiently since she already knew all this.

"When they saw the tracker on your back through the X ray machine they saw along with it are some granules - salt like crystals. Minute and very few in number- but most definitely there." I continued feeling my palms begin to sweat.

"Sumo- Ricin or RIP is salt grain like in nature and harmful in intake or fumes but most dangerous if injected or mixed with our internal system."

Her eyes widened as she realised "So they doubt that they might have put RIP along the tracker in me?" she whispered and I nodded.

Feeling helpless is the most hateful of all feelings, and it was making me go crazy.

"But you said they are very few grains?" Sumo asked hope shining in her eyes and I had to stop my hands from forming into a tight fist.

"That is all it takes - just a few grains to be effectively fatal, especially since removing the tracker would most definitely involve a cut and then the grains would mix with your blood." I stopped talking not able to go on.

The people behind this had done this intentionally. So that even if the tracker was discovered we would not be able to remove it from Sumo without risking her life..

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