Chapter 2

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Y/N's POV:

"Alright let's get going" Jay said as we began to drive away

"Hey y/nn" Dove said and I replied to her

"Hey D" I said

"Y/n what's up" Cameron said as he turned around in the front seat to give me a high five

"Not much what's up man" I said

"I missed you today. How was work baby?" Sofia asked as she laid her head against my shoulder

"Pretty tiring there were a lot of people today" I said and she sighed

"I don't know why you even bother working there on the weekends when your other job pays you well" she said

"You still work at the golf place?" Jay asked as he kept his eyes on the road

"Yea" I said

"Why? You're a film director and you're working on one of the biggest movies of the year" Cameron said

Dove then coughed and bowed

"Yup and we your stars of the film help you get all the money you need" she said and Sofia laughed

"You guys are acting like I'm directing all of Descendants. I'm basically a directors assistant" I said

"Okay you're more like a producer at the moment. But you do have a lot to do with the Magic. I mean you help with costume and set design, you help out everyone on the crew and the cast" Jay said

"The point is you already do a lot. Why do you keep insisting on working there" Sofia said cutting everyone off

"I don't know it's just always been one of my favorite places as a kid and if I want to spend time there I will" I said

"Okay then. Sofía just drop it if it makes her happy let her be" Dove said

"Thank you" I replied


Camila's POV:

I watched as the vehicle drove away until it was out of view and my heart clenched a little

She's gone I thought to myself

"Baby let's go inside" the sound of my boyfriends voice filled up the silence

"Oh okay" I said as I just stared at the end of the road just hoping that she'd return

I walked back to the backyard and my mom came up to me

"Did y/n really leave?" She asked me and I sadly nodded

My mom put her hand on my shoulder and gave me a sympathetic smile

I went to go inside the house and decided to go upstairs to my room

I couldn't get her out of my head. I opened my closet and started looking around for a certain box

I scavenged through the piles of clothes until I found the brown box I was looking for

I grabbed it and I went back to my bed and opened it

My heart skipped and a smile spread across my lips at the first thing I saw

It was a picture of y/n and I on our first date. Y/n tried so hard to make that date perfect as possible. As a kid one of her favorite movies was Karate Kid and we'd used to watch it all the time. She thought the scene where Daniel took Ali to Golf n Stuff for their first date was perfect. So that's where she took me for ours

The picture was taken by an employee that we asked to take for us. Y/n hugged me from behind as I held on to a golf club and her hands wrapped around mine and we were looking into each other's eyes with big smiles on our face

I looked through my pictures and saw some photo booth pictures from that night. I kept digging and I just found a bunch of stuff that was from our relationship. Burnt CDs she'd make for me with songs she dedicated to me. A bunch of love notes that she wrote for me. She was such a romantic even if she didn't want to admit it. She'd always write me love letters and I honestly loved it so much.

Seeing her today really brought back a lot of memories. Not just as lovers but she was my best friend once upon a time. We grew up together. She was always there for me. And I basically left her

When we broke up it was so hard on me. I just remember always being sad and crying every night in my bunk.

I missed everything about her. And seeing her today it was like a sense of nostalgia but at the same time it was like meeting a whole new person. She wasn't the same young girl I first fell in love with all those years ago. Now she was a mature beautiful woman. I mean she was still silly and playful, that's just who y/n is and always will be but I mean her looks. She aged so well. She's beyond gorgeous

When I saw her "girlfriend" with her it honestly broke my heart. I thought I was over her by now. I mean you never really get over your first love but I was happy with who I had and was with now but just ever since I saw her a few hours ago it was like everything I'd been doing in my life I wasn't as happy as I thought i was

My current boyfriend isn't bad I mean he can be a bit aggravating at times but he wasn't too much of a bad boyfriend. I dated a few other people after y/n but no one has ever compared to her or has captured my heart the way she did

But she's already moved on. Of course she's moved on. She wasn't going to wait for me forever. And wow she just had to get someone gorgeous

I hope that girl makes her happy because she honestly deserves all the world. But if we can't be together again I at least want us to be friends again. I missed my best friend

I was looking at a Polaroid of us kissing behind the castle at golf n stuff. That became like our usual spot. We started going there for dates when we didn't know what else to do. The castle was where we hid for privacy when we just wanted some alone time. One night she decided to be cheesy and carve a heart with our initials on the castle. I wonder if it was still there

"Baby are you okay" I heard the sound of my boyfriends voice

As soon as I saw him enter my room I shook out of my daze and quickly hid the box under my bed

"Yea Im good Why" I asked with a smile

"You just seem out of it" he says as he lays down on the bed next to me

"I'm good babe I promise" I said as I ran my hand through his hair

But I wasn't. I couldn't get her out of mind


Sorry if using the Descendants cast is lame. I'm a Descendants hoe and the second movie has me shook

I'm using Boo Boo's character name "Jay" for him tho

Also question. Y'all want G/P or no?
I've never done it but I guess I can give it a try

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