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Chapter Twelve

Was it even possible that something could be not perfect in the Underworld? Everyone was sickeningly beautiful, drove fast expensive cars, lived in houses that would be described on earth as playboy mansions; everyone slept with each other, drank delicious blood and took drugs. Food wasn’t used unless to lick off skin or some other kinky way. The whole place was just one big party, all of the time.

Or so I thought. When I started to wake up, it felt ridiculously cold. I didn’t think demons could get cold, so this worried me a little. I was in a room that reminded me of my old hideaway back in New Orleans. Old logs for walls, paintings picked up at thrift stores, threadbare blankets and lamps. It was exactly like that, and it shocked me, because nothing looked expensive. My bed was normal and wooden, although pretty big. I had an en-suite, but nothing fancy. Just a big roll top white bath and a few towels. I didn’t need a toilet anymore. Huh.

The curtains were closed, the lamps were on, and by my bed had been left a tray with a large goblet of blood, probably laced with drugs, because that was what everyone seemed to drink around here. I drained it in two seconds, wishing for more. Instead of being in some stupid underwear, I wore a little white lace nightdress that came to my knees, which had spaghetti straps. Still a little sexy, but nothing like the thongs I’d woken up to discover. I climbed out of bed, hearing the soft sound of swirling wind. Beyond the curtains was pure beauty.

It was snowing like crazy, but it wasn’t dark. The sky was a light blue, no sun as such, but light. Snow layered the ground and trees, crystallizing everything. I could see my false breath coming out in wispy white smoke. I’d only ever seen snow fall once before, and that was when I was eight years old, and it lasted for only ten minutes. Biggest disappointment of my life, only just behind dying at fifteen and being sent straight to Hell.

I longed to go out a lay in it, but then I noticed how painful my neck was. It hurt like a motherfucker. Looking in the reflection of the window and peeling back the bandage, I saw a huge gash that hadn’t heeled. It was swelling up and pussing. Ew. I was gonna kill Pandora, even though she was already dead.

Speaking of annoying whores I’d like to kill, where was Emelle? I remembered her carrying me, I remember her driving me. I left the room, seeing that this lodge really was small, with just a tiny little kitchen, living room and another two bedrooms. Just a small log cabin, really. I couldn’t find Emelle anywhere either, just a note on the kitchen side.

Come outside to the lake. – E

There was no clothes in my wardrobe other than racy underwear, which I’m sure was down to Sam. So I plainly left the cabin with nothing but a small lace nightdress on, my hair presentable and a little make up. I was embarrassed about my neck, and I got over the cold quickly. I supposed being dead had those kinds of advantages. The wind had calmed, too.

I followed the sound of giggles and rough laughs down a hill, hoping to find a couple of humans or something I could snack on. My throat was aching like a bitch.

Instead, I saw Emelle wearing tiny red hot pants and a bra ice-skating on the frozen lake, Sam wearing a tight white t-shirt doing the same thing except flirting wildly, and Will just sitting on the side of the bank in the snow, glaring at me strangely. I glared back, going to join them.

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