Too wet? - Max Verstappen

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This one was requested by DannyRicc17. (FINALLY HAHA HIT ME FOR TAKING AN ETERNITY TO PUBLISH.) It was supposed to be a bit hot, so I hope isn't less than expected  😂😂

Her sisters and cousins were getting absolutely wasted. The young lady was so tired that decided to sit and wait until they were all done with the celebrations that were just starting.
Her sister would get married in a week so it was time to do a Bachelorette party, right? Not for her, she just wanted to stay home because absolutely everything was annoying her, specially because this was supposed to be only for girls, but she could easily spot some guys at her big cousins living room with the flashy lights. The annoying feeling of someone observing her like a stalker was stressing her out, but she didn't want to ruin the little party going on.

"This is for the most sexually frustrated lady in this room. Here, take this!" Her elder cousin gave her a shot of vodka.

"And what the fuck is this?" She asks ignoring the sexually frustrated part.

"It's vodka, you need this. Come on, don't be such a crying Baby and drink everything."

The young lady rolled her eyes before giving a long sip of the strong flavoured drink in her hand, receiving thumbs up from her cousin. The drink burned down her throat giving her goosebumps but also opening her lungs.

"There's more if you want. Anything you want." She says leaving while the young lady sighed deep. She couldn't really handle alcohol, specially when she was in such a bad mood. But she slowly got up and sat at the mini bar created at the room. 4 shots of margarita and vodka were her first and only choice and it didn't go too well. The alcohol was too much and she should imagine it, since her cousins are natural drinkers.

The young lady went to the first bathroom outside. Looking at the mess in the mirror she quickly washed her face and went out deciding to sit at the backyard next to the pool to catch some clear cold breeze.

"Hey!" The voice caught her off guard making her almost jump from her chair.

"Max! You're here!!?" The young Dutch man was her crush for a while now, since her brother-in-law presented him to her. As one of the Red bull's engineers he had the opportunity to take his family to hang with the team, and that's when the two of them meet. There was always that little flirty look, the flirty smile and some sort of sexual tension between them two. But since he was always busy it became complicated to keep in touch. But now here he was. Absolutely sexy, and more stunning than ever.

"Sorry, I didn't meant to scare you. I thought that you needed help, here's a bit of water." She analyses the boy before thanking him and drinking the 500ml water bottle in less that one minute. "Wow, that was fast." He giggles staring at her.

"Thank you, I was really really thirsty." She says and her eyes go wide with her own answer making the Dutch man giggle and blush. He was really handsome and attractive.

"I can get you more if you want to." He offered.

"To be honest, I would love to have a huge champagne bottle only for me." He smiles shaking his head.

"Little drinker I think you should take it slow, slow is always better.. You drank margaritas and 4 shots of vodka and you were already tipsy. Since the alcohol out there isn't a joke I don't think it's a good idea." He smiles analysing the young  girl little eyes sparkling.

"You were stalking me all night! It was you!" She says shaking her head, making the young man blush and laugh.

"Touché madame." He whispers and wink at the young lady. "I'm going to get you your champagne bottle." He says getting up not allowing her to say a word. His booty looked absolutely delicious inside those dark skinny jeans making his tighs so appetising. She quickly shakes her head trying to focus. But maybe her cousin was right and she was getting sexually frustrated...

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