Chapter 19

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When Milo contacted Carlton later on that afternoon, to let him know that Katarina was recovering well, he decided to have a chat with him about his dream walk with Angelus. There were too many important things to worry about, to not bring it up.

As soon as Carlton strengthened the contact, he avoided the small talk and got straight into business.

I have something important to tell you Carlton. It's about our son. He began, waiting for his father-in-law's full attention before going into any details. He began by recounting the entire dream walk to him and waiting for his reaction.

This is very serious, Milo. If your son is really so powerful, then any changes he makes to his past, through your future, will cause major time rifts. Carlton couldn't figure out how to feel about the newest revelation.

He knows. He says he's tried his best to be sensible. Milo couldn't help but defend his son. Having met him, he understood exactly why he was so desperate for a family. It was only natural. He admits that he was selfish in trying to give himself a happy family. I can't be angry about that.

No, I understand that. Carlton agreed that there was no reason to be angry with Angelus. I think we need to bring Leo into this conversation. It's important that he is warned of the consequences of his future choices. He decided.


Carlton broke off contact with Milo so that he could focus his attention on creating a connection with Leo. He found it a little more difficult than usual because Leo was in the middle of a dream walk. But with his skills nothing was truly impossible.

You called? Leo asked, sarcastically as he sat with Angel in his prison cell, waiting to see what had stopped him from dream walking his way out of the cell.

Milo has something important to say to you. I will reinforce your connection and take part in the discussion. He explained, giving Leo little choice in whether to agree or not. I will give you a moment to explain to Angel before you join us. He offered.

Leo gave Angel a brief explanation, to help him understand that he would have to be focused on someone else for a few minutes.

I'm going to have to go away for a moment. It may help us, so just hold on. He told Angel with a smile. As soon as his true mate gave his nod of understanding, he refocused on Carlton and Milo, to strengthen the mind bond.

Leo was shocked when he heard everything Milo had to say about his dream walk with his unborn son. He couldn't believe that there was such a bleak future ahead of them if he did such a simple thing as put Angel's safety and emotional security first.

I will do whatever I can to keep Angel safe. He promised, refusing to think about anything other than Angel at the moment.

Good. I will need you to seek assistance when you release Angel from his cell. Then I suggest that you spend a few weeks in a secure location, until you can ensure Angel is physically fit enough to make the journey home. Carlton suggested.

I can do that. Alpha Murphy already offered to help us and he's given me the contact information for Alpha Bryson. Leo confessed, hoping that Carlton could tell him whether he could trust either Alpha or not. And which one he was better putting his trust in.

They are both reliable Alpha's, Leo. I would suggest taking all the help they can offer, whenever you need it. Once Angel is safe to bring home, keep an escort at all times. Consider yourself in danger until you reach our lands. Carlton advised.

Milo reiterated that. I'll have men camped out at the boundaries to make sure you're safe. I'll send word to the surrounding areas that you're to be let through their lands unharmed. Once they know Angel's the last Dubrinsky, we won't have any trouble. Milo reassured him.

Thanks guys.

What are your immediate plans? Carlton wondered.

I've been able to manipulate the dream walks so far, choosing where we go. Tonight we're going to attempt to leave the cage and follow the passages out of this place. Leo explained calmly, feeling much more confident about his plan now. If he had to accept help, at risk to Angel's immediate comfort, to keep him sane and alive, then he'd do it.

If I can leave myself some sort of trail to follow, I can come back in my real body and find him. If it works, I'm coming to break him out tomorrow night. The dream walks are helping him gain his human and wolf strength, so we should be free to leave soon. He admitted, hoping that Carlton drew some comfort from those words. He knew he felt guilty for leaving Angel to his captors all those years, but it wasn't his fault. He couldn't have known the truth.

Be careful, Leo. We want you both home with us soon. Milo sighed.

I know. I promise, we'll be home before winter. He swore that he'd do whatever it took to get Angel home before the bad weather. If they had to take a flight at the last minute, he didn't want any risk of it being canceled because of snow or high winds. The sooner he got Angel home, the better off he'd be.

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