28: What The Future Awaits?

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"Fear has two meanings;

Forget. Everything. And. Run
Face. Everything. And. Rise.

The choice is yours."

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You know the feeling when someone who you truly love is somewhere around you and you can feel it, usually and definitely I didn't believe in all these but now I could feel like a connection, some reminiscences or familiarity of something. My eyes were searching it in the crowd of passengers.


I saw him,

My breath halted itself, my hands froze mid-air paralysing me from waving, I wanted to move, to shout his name but was stuck rooted right at that spot entranced my his beauty and how much he had changed over the span of 5 months.

Even in his casuals he managed to look hot, he could probably just pull off even in ragged clothes, moreover his messed up hair made him a to-be-melted-for-person, I was surprised I was still standing with my heart beating a mile in a minute, he smiled catching my eyes and came closer and closer all the time my eyes stared into his eyes of brown pools, so full of love and happiness, the same as before, nothing changed and I have him back. How I missed them and this is definitely true yet still felt surreal, like the dreams I'd have almost everyday only to wake up from it.

"Humaira!" he called in a fake accusing tone as if telling 'What is this Humaira! What have you done!?' kind of teasing just to irk me up I just giggle shaking my head.

"Finally, after soooo many months!!" he exclaimed raising his hands to his sides as if he was holding something, expressing how long of those months were, that it was a really long time and I without any doubt or hesitation agree to it. Being without him felt so lonely when he and my friends would be in my personal radar one or the other day. With him gone everything seemed to fall apart, no meeting often, no sleepovers nothing it was just me, my thoughts and my family. Naila at her house, Saira and Maira in Pakistan and Ayaz in Australia... They all just tore all of us apart. Atleast one of us was now together, maybe even Naila would join me....

"Hmmm.... You see me? I'm a big Australian boy!!!" He said acting how a toddler would say. If any one saw us the would never believe we ever fought or were rivals since we were born. The fact we both were healthy as baby and would share each other's soother was disgustingly hauntful, like if we went logical and analytical about it we involuntarily kissed each other sharing saliva and ugh....

"hey... Are you even listening... Humi... By and by... I see it... You changed.... The incident... It's changed you... But for better because you won't argue anymore and I'd always win!!!" he said grinning widely his fingers combing through his hair.

They seemed silky and soft maybe, what was more enticing was his smile, he didn't have those pearly white sets people say in dramas, some seemed slightly crooked only if you looked close but none of those mattered, he was somehow an all time handsome and surprisingly pleasant to be with considering my past history with him I'd barely believe if someone said me a year ago or so that he was pleasant to be with. This handsome young man I'm in love with grinning with no care about the world, treating me like one of his own boosted of happiness that vanished any tint of sadness in me. There can nothing better than seeing someone you love happy and fine. Now seeing him here healthier and happy than ever just filled my lonely heart temporarily with just enough happiness to satisfy my love for him.

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