Chapter 5

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Milo looked across at Katarina as they sat in the living room.

He was conducting some pack merger business, going over details with Carlton while she rested on the sofa. It was good to have her close. He couldn't image how Leo felt, being forcibly kept from his true mate.

He glanced across at Katarina, while listening to her father and caught her engrossed in another book. She'd been doing so much reading lately, since finding out she was pregnant; most of it was in preparation for the new addition to their lives.

Milo still found it hard to believe that everything had happened so quickly. Just a few weeks ago, he'd thought her unworthy of his time and attention, a runt of the pack and unwelcome. Now, she was his wife, his life partner, the mother of his unborn child. In just a few weeks, they'd been mated, united and now she was pregnant.

"It's quite natural," Carlton interrupted his thoughts, making him turn back to face him. "The members of our people who are destined to become the Alpha and Alpha's mate, often have an accelerated genetic make-up. It is what makes them such strong, able leaders, at a young age." He explained, carefully.

"I'm not even going to bother asking how you know what I'm thinking," Milo commented, with a fond smile. He kind of liked how in tune he and Carlton were, without the need for Katarina to exhaust herself maintaining the mental connection. He and Grene had years of encounters to build a relationship upon, but he didn't have that with Carlton and the mental connection helped. Information often went both ways, just when he needed the guidance.

"I'm sorry," Carlton smiled, as he apologised. "Your thoughts are strong today. And your dilemma is reasonable. As an Alpha, it's important for you to consider and understand these things. I had hoped your father would have prepared you for this, already, but as we both know what kind of man he is, I won't bother making that argument," he excused the situation adequately.

In truth, Milo didn't want to talk about his father. He hadn't improved with the curing of his illness, but Katarina was working hard to reform him.

"I know I still have a lot to learn," he allowed, as there were still books and files that Constantine had prepared for him, and handed over after his union. "So this is normal for an Alpha?" he queried, glad that something had gone right, lately.

"Yes, perfectly normal. It is, as you once told my daughter, the entire purpose of being Alpha," Carlton teased him openly, though Milo wasn't thrilled to have that specific conversation exposed to his wife's father.

"Yeah," he said, noncommittally. He wasn't going to go into that right now, so he ignored the comment and focused on what was important. "I'm just glad something is going to plan,"

"Life hasn't been easy for either of you, I know," Carlton agreed.

Both men looked towards Katarina, when they heard her laughter. She was staring at her book, unseeing and giggled to herself. It was obvious she wasn't laughing at her book, since it was a book of baby names. All he could conclude was that she was still tickled by something Leo had said on the phone.

He and Carlton finished their business and then the older of the two left the house, ready to start his journey home. He had a few final things to take care of, before the pack could be moved from their old home.

Still curious, Milo headed over to sit beside his mate and smiled. "And what are you so happy about?" he wondered, gently brushing a strand of hair behind her ear.

Katarina looked up, with that same contented happiness in her eyes that she'd had since finding out she was pregnant the week before. "I told Leo the good news," she confessed.

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