Chapter 3

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Katarina woke from a light doze after another vision. It had caught her by surprise, because she was supposed to be protected from having visions and dream walks by the strengthening shake she was taking. But there was an odd sensation within her that said she'd had the vision for another reason.

To clear the matter from her mind, she was tempted to approach Milo, who had agreed to nap with her while they could. But when she looked at him, he was already waking up.

"Everything all right, little wolf?" he asked gently.

She nodded and turned to face him, brushing her finger over his jawline. "I had a vision about our son," she explained gently.

"Oh? They're getting stronger. Anything interesting?" Milo wondered.

"I saw his union,"

"You did? Who is she...or he?" he asked, clearly not sure what to expect after the revelation that Leo's mate was another guy.

Katarina laughed at him. She knew the Milo wasn't at all bothered about who his son's mate would be, just that he wanted to know what she had seen. It was getting more and more regular for her to get visions of their son. Some of the things she was seeing were small but important details, that would help them understand their son and help him grow.

"She. In fact, you'd be very surprised at who she is," she reassured him. "I saw the parents of the girl our son is united with. And you won't guess who they are," she teased, with a smile.

"I'm beginning to get annoyed by your ability to tease me," Milo confessed, kissing her lightly, in approval for the fact that she was so happy.

The whole chaos of not trusting herself or believing in herself was over. Their union had pretty much wiped out all sense of inadequacy for her. And he loved it. He loved that she was now confident, happy and practically glowing with joy. Or so he kept telling her.

"Don't get angry, darling. One of the parents was Janet..." Katarina explained, gently. She was well aware that, after Janet's recent actions against Leo, he would be less than pleased to hear her name, which was why she said it first.

"And?" he frowned deeply and urged her to go on.

"And the other...was Callum," she smiled, quite excited at the thought of Callum and Janet being together.

"Seriously?" Milo laughed, stunned by that news.

Callum was one of his guards, sweet and innocent; an unlikely guess as to who Janet's true mate would be. Janet was tall, confident, blonde and flirtatious. Algar wouldn't be happy at their union, since his first priority in life was to protect his twin brother.

Milo kissed her again, lingeringly this time.

"Our son is going to be very happy with her. Though I don't yet know her name," Katarina sighed, feeling tired again.

Milo encouraged her closer, into his arms so they could go back to sleep. "Well, at least he's happy,"

That was, after all, the most important thing. There was no better fate for a shifter than to find their true mate and be with them.

"Who knew that Callum and Janet were going to be united?" he laughed to himself.

"Not me. But it is a union I can approve of," Katarina confessed, snuggling into his warmth as she took a quiet moment to enjoy their closeness and soak it up. It felt good to have the continual reminders that they would have a son one day and that he would be happy.

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