Chapter 1

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Y/N's POV:

I turned the corner to pull up to my neighborhood and surprisingly there were many cars around. My neighborhood is usually always quiet and calm. Except now I saw kids on the street playing and people dressed nicely getting out of their cars. I pulled up to my house and i noticed the cabellos gate wide open with balloons on each side of the gate door. Ah they must be having a party it clicked in my head.

I parked in front of my house and I turned off the engine of my car and let out a sigh. I was so tired I just got out of work so I was wearing my uniform still

I opened my car door and then got out to head inside my house

"Mom I'm home" I yelled as I set my keys on the table

My mom came rushing into the living room dressed up nicely trying to put an earring on

"Hi Mija How was work?" She asked

"It was good just same old same old" I said "but look at you looking all nice where ya headed off to" I asked her

"I'm going to the cabellos they're throwing a party for Sofi you should come with your father and I " she said

"I don't know Ma I'm tired and plus I'm going out with my friends I have plans" I said

"Please baby, sinu begged me to convince you to come" my mother said

"Ma I see Mrs. Cabello everyday im sure she won't mind not seeing me today" I said

"Aw well at least go just for Sofi's Birthday you know how much she loves you" my mom said still trying to convince me

I ran my hand through my hair and closed my eyes. I couldn't let sofi down. I love that little girl too much

I sighed and gave in "okay okay I'll go" i said and my mom cheered

"Just for a little bit tho because I do have plans" I said to my mother

"As long as you show up that's all that matters" my mom said

"Wait I don't even have a gift for her how can I just show up like that" I said

"Don't worry I got a separate present and put your name on it" my mom said

"You're the best you know that?" I asked my mom while giving her a kiss on the cheek

"Yes of course I know. Now hurry up and get ready" she said

I ran to my room and immediately removed my uniform. I had prepared an outfit before I left to work this morning for when I went out with my friends tonight. It was a decent outfit that was wearable for a party

I fixed my hair and makeup a little and then soon enough I was ready.

"Ready baby girl?" My dad asked me and I nodded

"I'm only staying for a little my friends will be here soon" I said to my parents as we started walking out our front door

"Yes whatever miss popular" my dad said and I rolled my eyes playfully

We walked to the house next door where I heard the sound of live mariachi music being played

We walked further in. The big backyard that's usually empty was filled with people sitting at tables and kids running all around chasing each other, people dancing in the middle

"Y/N" I heard my name being shouted

I turned and then saw the little cabello charging at me

"Hey cutie pie" I said as she jumped into my arms and spun her around

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