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Chapter 4.

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I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there without even moving a finger. They both looked at me. Surprise? No, Sarah McAdams suck it up. I smiled awkward at them and sighed. Then i guess.. Josh? ” I looked mad at Elena. ”You said that he wasn’t going to be here” I freaked out and ran away without knowing where i was going to end up. Fuck. Why me? I wasn’t even mad at Elena, I was mad at my self for being so stupid. Always. I kept running for something till i came to a place i hadn’t seen before. I looked around where I was standing. Large old buildings every where, only a few lights were in the streets. I swore I could hear my hear beats. The whole place were kinda spooky and gave me a creepy feeling. My mind kept telling me to run away, but my body wouldn’t listen. As hard as I tried, i was stuck. It felt like there was someone inside my body, screaming and punching the ”walls” inside me, wanting to get out. I could hear footsteps behind me, slowly I turned around and saw tree shadows. I felt this rush grew inside me, my mind still told me to run away.  They were getting closer. I still had no idea where I was. I’m stuck. I’m stuck. Freaked out I was trying to get away. I still wouldn’t move. DAMN IT. ”Looks like we’ve got fresh meat” one of them said and laughed a creepy laughter. I couldn’t see their faces it was too dark for me to almost see anything. They kept coming closer to me, laughing. PLEASE GOD, HELP ME, i prayed inside. The adrenalin caught me, I finally moved and ran like hell away. Tears were streaming down my face. I could hear them yell at each other, but I didn’t care. Safety was the only thing i thought about right now. I just wanted to get home. Home sweet home, if that wasn’t too much to ask. I never ask anyone for anything. I wiped away my tears, more relieved. But I didn’t stop running. Something inside me said that the danger wasn’t over yet. 

I couldn’t even swallow anymore. Sweaty and tired I still ran though the streets. I had no idea where I was heading and where I was at all.  I could see a car driving to me thou the twilight. What time is it? Ive been away for such a long time. My mom has to be worried. Then i saw someone getting out of the car, i turned my head away and ran in the different direction. I didn’t want to die this way. I wanted to say good bye. Say good bye to the world I love. To my life. To my friends. To my family. Too many thoughts were crossing my mind. What will happen next? ”Sarah, Sarah wait!” a familiar voice shouted. No i was only getting paranoid. Geez, thank you.  I felt dizzy. I guess my time has come. ”Good bye world” I whispered as my last tear streamed down my face. 

Some strong arms held me up and hugged me. I looked up and saw Josh’ face. ”Am I dead?” I sighed. ”Ehm, no?” he laughed silently. ”Jerk” i mumbled against his chest. I should feel relieved, shouldn’t I? But i wasn’t. A part of me wanted to be dead. I held him tight, didn’t want to let go of him, because I always feel so safe in his embrace. I never ever wanted to let go. ”Why would you think you were dead?” he asked curious with a worried voice. I could always tell him the truth, i was never shy when i was with him, for the most of the time. ”I never thought i would be with you” I looked up at him. The words hurted. Hurted me so bad.  He breathed slowly and closed his eyes. ”I thought I had lost you too, because I hurted you. Im so sorry…” he looked down at me with guilt in his eyes, I could see his regret. I’ve always been good at reading people, I like to think it is a gift. I felt so happy inside. He actually cared about me, but why didn’t he call? ”After you left Kentucky i had to fix some work stuff. You know” Know what? He never talked about his work stuff with me. But I decided to listen. ”Later a crazy fan stole my phone and I couldn’t get it back. I lost all my contacts, I tried to google you aswell, but nothing came up. I was desperate. I missed you so much. When I first saw you at school, my heart dropped. You on the other side, didn’t look so happy. So I decided to stay away. I could see you were hurt and I didn’t want to hurt you even more” I could see Josh s eyes were getting wet. ”Shhh” I said and putted my finger on his lip. ”Its ok, i am ok.” He cupped my face in his hand and kissed me gently. I looked into his brown eyes, but one thing was still bothering me. A fan? 

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