V. Reyna is Secretly a Goddess (Well, We Already Knew That)

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❝ To accept ourselves as we are means to value our imperfections as much as our perfections

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To accept ourselves as we are means to value our imperfections as much as our perfections. Sandra Bierig

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A blast of air tackled her instantly, knocking the breath out of her lungs. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, spiking her with an unknown amount of energy. She propelled herself around, watching the airplane drift farther and farther away. Miguel seemed to try to shout something, but it was inaudible as his sentences fell over the sky. He blew into a small, metal whistle in his hand and pulled the door closed with all of his strength, leaving Akira in a complete, dead free fall. She spun around to spread out her arms and legs, trying to mimic a skydiver's actions for more resistance and to slow her plummet.

Her ponytail fluttered behind her like the tail of a kite, trailing behind her as she continued to fall to what she could only presume was the feet of death. Her breath hitched and she struggled to inhale as she was too high up in altitude for enough oxygen.

Whatever speck of confidence she had previously immediately flown away as she plummeted faster and faster; her screams ripping her throat apart. Stinging streams of air blasted at her skin, prickling the hairs on her arm to stand straight up from the painful cold. The words she struggled to say rippled away in garbled noises with her aimless cries for help falling on dead ears.

Her vision began to trickle the color black, painting the corners of her eyes in the darkness. Death wrapped her body with piercing arms into a chilling embrace, making its mark as every muscle in her body tightened to brace for a harsh and painful impact.

Trust and believe, Akira, she thought to herself as she clenched her fists; her nails nearly puncturing the palm of her hand. Trust and believe that your best friend did not lead you to your utter demise.

So she braced for the worst.

Either Amaterasu answered her prayers or luck was finally on her side because Akira's body collided with something oddly soft halfway through the sky. A sudden, yet not awful pain traveled up her legs by the force, but it was definitely more comfortable than a harsh kiss with the ground. "A cloud could not possibly catch me..." She wheezed, exhaling heavily as she straightened up from the shock.

Her legs straddled against a body with protruding, white wings that flapped gently against the wind and fell like a gentle snowfall. Its pure, silver coat blended in with the clouds the surrounded them like some sort of camouflage. A soft mane tickled her nose and a muzzle whinnied at the air, while a white tail trailed behind and waved wildly in the wind.

In all, it was the creature of elegance; she was riding on the back of a Pegasus.

"Oh my..." The words were taken from her lips and fell away, with the horse galloping as if running on an invisible floor. As they began their descent, the air seemed easier to breath and her lungs relaxed as they got their fill. Akira's body eased away against the horse, her fears finally beginning to fade.

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