Fell for one, slept with all:A youtuber fanfic. Chapter one

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Fell for one, Slept with All

An o2l  Fanfic

Chapter One

By Jade (fake name)

Slowly, I walk down the street, tears streaming down my cheeks. Mascara stains my pale skin. I have nowhere to go.

“Yo Jade, come and join the party. I Only asked you to…” a masculine voice said from behind me.

“Stay away from me Ace, you know damn well you asked too much you perverted freak” I growled at him turning around. I had stormed out of a party, his party. He had asked me to come to the party with him, the only reason I had gone was because he’s the most popular kid in school. He had gotten super drunk, and admitted why he asked her to come. He found some nudes on the internet that had been a cousin of hers, and wanted her to do the same. I was going to move away from the fridge box I was living in and move in with him. But this, this was more than the twenty seven beers talking, he was a legitimate perv. He walked up, looking all charm and swag, at least if I didn’t know him he would have been all charm and swag.

“Oh come on babe, I just wanted a good time” he said his oily voice sliding out of his slobbering mouth. He hooked his fingers around my belt, I looked scared for a minute, then I was angry. He was about to unzip my sweatshirt, when I struggled he held tight. So I slapped him, the sound resounded around the alley way. His buddies laughed at the surprised look on his face.

“Bitch, and I was just starting to like you for reasons other than I thought you were a slut” he raised a hand to hit me when a new voice called out behind me.

“Leave the girl alone” the voice said. Ace released me

“Go back to your box street rat, let me handle this loser” Ace said shoving me away like I had suddenly become a real street rat. A weirdly familiar guy stepped out of the shadows.

“Aw, if it isn’t the great and cloudy Jc Caylen, here to save the ho” Ace said flipping him off as he said so. I looked puzzled for a minute, then realisation struck. I had heard the name Jc Caylen many times, cause before I became a street kid, I went to school with some girls who were in love with him, he’s a youtuber.

“Sorry, but I don’t see a ho, just a few intoxicated jocks and a chick who got caught up in the middle of something” he said walking a few feet forward, he was a few inches taller than Ace. Ace looked as if he was going to sock Jc, then he stopped and laughed.

“I get it, take the street rat and get going” Ace shoved me towards Jc, ripping the only pair of jeans that I owned. Ace and his friends walked off laughing. I stumbled and Jc caught me just in time.

“Well, you must be a little shaken up, you want me to drive you home” Jc asked, looking concerned he brushed the dirt off her shirt.

“If I had a home for you to drive me to, that would be great, but I don’t, so I guess I’m just out of luck” I said backing away. “You're the guy from that youtube channel, o2l, right” I asked, he gave me a small smile as he nodded.

“So what do you mean you don’t have a home to go to, was that guy telling the truth about you being a, street rat?” Jc asked looking sad and pitiful. I nodded. My senses reeled as he lifted me from the box that I had sat on, setting me gently on my feet.

“You can come with me and stay at the house that I share with the rest of the o2l, if you want. If not, I can find you a hotel. My place is about two hours from here. So what do you say?Also, what’s your name” he asked giving  me a crooked smile.

I thought a minute before answering.

“My name’s Jade, and if it’s not a problem, I would appreciate staying with you. On the way I can tell you exactly what happened, because it’s a long story” I answered. He looked relieved.

“Great, I would love to get a chance to know you, you seem really cool, and  I just barely met you, just give me a sec so I can call the guys and tell them that I’m bringing you home. He gave me another crooked smile before walking away a few feet to try and get a signal on his phone. I couldn’t decide if I like him. Sadly, in about chapter four, I found out that, not only is he hot and extremely attractive, I found out that he lives with a group of hot and attractive boys. But I only end up falling in love with one. Even though I sleep with all of them except one.

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