Hi everyone!

Sorry it's been so long, but I've been unable to work on this story for a while. A few weeks back, I realized why that was: my writing style has changed immensely. I've improved so much since first beginning this series and I'm just unable to continue updating until I'm happy with old chapters.

That's why I decided to change the series from first person to third. However, that's not the only change I'll be making. I'm also fleshing out more of the characters and scenes, improving the descriptions, making the dialogue between characters more captivating, adding some new parts, etc. I have taken down the rest of Dorfingryff to gradually repost the chapters as I rewrite them.

Please go read the new and improved version of Dorfingryff ASAP (don't forget to vote and leave comments). Honestly, it is so different that it's worth a reread. There are new amusing conversations with the Marauders that I think you'll all love to read. Bianca's character is also a lot more defined, and I think you guys will appreciate it.

Last but not least (just to make sure you understand), I AM NOT DISCONTINUING THIS SERIES. EVER.

If you miss my writing, I've got lots of other books up that, in my opinion, are pretty great. Go distract yourself with those. I'm hoping to be able to edit as quickly as possible so that I can finally release the chapter you've been waiting months for.

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