Chapter 1

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All I could hear was the metallic growling coming from the Lilless that were crawling their way in my direction.

I unsheathed my two machete's and started slicing away the heads one after another without a second thought, my purple hair getting a few drops of blood on it as I killed the Lilless; My body able to move freely in the black one piece that feels like an extra layer of skin, hoping to get the mission over and done with.

The Lilless are disgusting horrible creatures. They are dead human corpses which turned cannibal.

It started in a science lab.

Experiment gone wrong.

Then humans eating other humans.

It's all a very touching story, but that's an old bed-time tale now. It happened over 200 years ago and the Lilless are still going strong. Apparently, they've gotten smarter; they can reproduce their own kind now, but thanks to their incredibly slow cell and body development it takes two years for the child to be born.

The babies are disgusting. When they are born they're covered in reddish-green slime and have a very dis-configured face. They showed us the clip of a Lilless baby being born in nursery school every day, everyone soon got used to the gruesome picture.

Though me, my sister and many others got more training than most because we are special. We are the Imun.

Immunities. That's what we are, the Imun. Immune to the bites that the Lilless give you. Don't start jumping to conclusions and think that we can't die, we can. The Lilless don't just bite, they rip your fucking body apart, limb from limb. We are only immune to the bites - the infection - but not from being ripped to shreds.

"Purple 14, I repeat, Purple 14, do you copy?"

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. I got out my walkie from my leg pouch and did a back flip onto an old, decomposing play apparatus, the Lilless trying to grasp at me with their rotting hands. "No, I'm dead." I said sarcastically and I could just imagine Adrien rolling his eyes.

"The area clear?"

"Nope." I said, popping the 'p'.

"You're not done yet? I thought you were aiming for a record, as usual." Adrien sounded surprised.

I sighed and noticed that the Lilless started crawling on top of each other. Great. I got out my hand gun from my back pocket and started shooting each and every Lilless right in the head, getting a bulls-eye every time.

"I wanted to take a rest today. Y'know, have a bit of fun." I said innocently as I shot the last of the Lilless down. "Anyways, I'm done now. You've ruined my fun by interrupting."

"Calm down, just get rid of the bodies and get back to the Dome, General wants to speak to you." I blew a piece of my purple hair out of the way and my eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Do you know what for?" I asked, jumping off of the apparatus and starting to pile up the bodies.

"It's the General, of course I don't know." Adrien scoffed.

"You owe me for this you know." I said into the black walkie as I put the last of the bodies on top of the pile.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. How 'bout you shoot some Lilless over at my place once you're done?" He suggested and I pondered over the idea.

"Sure, but can I bring Shana? I promised her that I would help her train." I said hopefully as I got out a lighter from my left breast pocket and lit up the pile. I could literally hear the cranks in his brain starting to turn.

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