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Monstrox leaned back on his seat as he tapped his nails on his desk. He waited for Roberto to return to making another stone monster. He heard the sound of the door opening; making him turn to see the artist coming in.

"Took you long enough." The necromancer spoke sarcastically.

"And a good afternoon to you too." Roberto replied in the same tone before picking up his tools and getting back to work.

Monstrox just rolled his eyes the other way. The necromancer picked up his staff and a rag; intending to polish and shine it. Roberto began taking away unwanted bits of stone of his work in progress. He turned to look at his master a few times; feeling bored and wanting to strike up a conversation.

"So, Lavaria and Moltor took Jestro to the market with them today." The artist tried to start a conversation with his master.

Monstrox looked up with a disinterested look.

"And I should care because?" He replied rather tiredly as he polished his staff.

"Well when they came back, Moltor said something strange happened with the boy." Roberto explained further.

"The kid does strange stuff all the time, he's a weirdo."

"But he's never showed signs of magic til today."

Monstrox froze in place when Roberto finished his sentence. The necromancer looked up at the sculptor with his yellow eyes wide.

"What did you say?" He questioned.

Roberto raised a brow as he resumed his work.

"I just said that Jestro is only a child and has an excuse for being the way he is." The sculptor replied with a shrug.

Monstrox quickly threw the rag he was using away and got out of his seat. Roberto dropped his tools as Monstrox ran up to him and pointed his staff at him.

"What did they say about Jestro having signs of magic!?" The necromancer demanded.

Roberto held his arms up like he was at gun point.

"I don't know the whole thing! Moltor just said that Jestro made a stack of firewood fall over without touching it!" The sculptor spoke with panic. "They think he might have the potential to be a wizard and that's all I know, I swear!"

Monstrox softened his demanding look before taking the staff away. Roberto put his hand on his chest as he got his breathing under control; not noticing the smile appearing on his masters' face.

"It's perfect." Monstrox spoke with the smile in his voice.

"What's perfect?" Roberto got his breathing under control and calmed down.

"If what you say is true, then this could be a big advantage for me!"

Roberto raised a brow at the necromancer.


Monstrox realised what he just said.

"I meant us, obviously." He corrected himself. "Anyway back to the matter at hand. If the little joke boy has the spark, I can rule forever Knighton forever when I take over."

Roberto looked at Monstrox like he was mad.

"How?" He asked.

Monstrox gave the sculptor an eerie grin. Roberto looked at him blankly before he remembered their conversation from this morning. He went wide eyed at the thought.

"But, Monstrox! Jestro is only a child! You can't do that to him!" He spoke in panic.

"Relax, Mr moustache. I know he's just a kid." Monstrox told to calm himself.

Roberto still felt and looked uneasy as Monstrox walked towards the door. The necromancer gave the sculptor a rather serious look.

"But I'll have to toughen him up." He spoke in a threatening tone of voice. "This is between us. Don't tell anyone; especially Whiparella or Lavaria. Those two act like they're his parents."

Roberto looked down at the floor. He could not let Monstrox do something like this. But if he objected, he would lose his position and be forced to go back to where Monstrox found him. Jobless and homeless.


"What?" Monstrox did not catch that.

"Understood." Roberto repeated himself in English.

Monstrox let out a quiet oh before leaving the room and making his way down stairs. As he got closer, the heard the sound of childish laughter.

In the living area, Whiparella and Lavaria were watching as Jestro played a game of birdie with Sparkks. Jestro let a joyful squeal as Sparkks lifted him up and threw him in the air to catch him again on the way down.

"Again!" Jestro giggled for more.

Whiparella and Lavaria smiled at each other as they watched their boy being lifted and put in the air like a bird. Sparkks was laughing in joy as well. But the one eyed giant of a man looked at the door way and froze with a wide terrified eye. Jestro looked down at him with a confused face when he stopped spinning.

"Why'd you stop?" The boy asked.

Lavaria and Whiparella looked at the doorway in fear as well. Jestro turned his head to see what they looking at. The boy quietly gasped and jumped into Sparkks arms when he saw Monstrox standing there. Jestro was always scared of Monstrox because he always grumpy and grim. But something was wrong this time. The necromancer was smiling.

"Having fun?" He finally said after a few silent seconds.

"I wasn't slacking off, Master! I swear!" Sparkks nervously blurted out; holding Jestro in a protective manner.

"Hey, relax. I'm not gonna get mad at you for having fun."

Whiparella and Lavaria felt their insides going cold as Monstrox stepped inside the living room and made his way to Sparkks and Jestro. Jestro buried himself into Sparkks chest as Monstrox gave him an unintentionally grim smile.

"I just wanted to talk to little joker here." The necromancer falsely reassured his disciples.

Lavaria stood up with her arms crossed.

"Why do you want to talk to Jestro?" She questioned suspiciously.

"You always pretend he's never here." Whiparella added.

"Oh come on. I'm part of the family too. I just figured that maybe I could be like his grandpa." Monstrox said to the two women before turning to Jestro. "How bout I give you a tour of my office, kiddo?"

Jestro watched as the necromancer held his hand out to him. Sparkks gently put the boy down to let him decide. Jestro looked up at the necromancer nervously as he gave him a rather strange look. Not knowing what to do, he slowly gave Monstrox his hand. Before he could say anything, Monstrox was leading him out of the living room and up the stairs. Lavaria, Whiparella and Sparkks watched with worried looks as Jestro looked at them with a look that screamed 'help'. Lavaria put her arms around a teary Whiparella when Jestro disappeared from their line of sight.

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