The barman nodded, as if it was the usual story. Then he smiled, a crooked smile but a charming one all the same. The guy was big, very broad about the shoulders and bald. But he had a mustache that was carefully kept and his hands were clean.

Leo figured he was happy with his life, a hard worker and very proud of his local area.

"Ah, well you're in luck. Tomorrow night there's a man who worked on the rigging of the show. He comes for his tea every Thursday," he claimed happily, making Leo smile. And it was genuine this time.

A rigging man. Exactly what he needed. Someone who had been behind the scenes and would know more about Angel than some random customer to the show.

"Then do you have a room where I can stay, so I can meet this man?" Leo pulled his wallet out of his backpack as he talked. He let the barman see the great wad of cash he had come with. It was always risky, in parts such as these, to show that he had a lot of money, but he knew what he was doing. If someone tried to steal from him, they would get their hand chomped off by a very hungry, mentally unstable wolf.

"One room, yes. Unoccupied," The barman eyed his wallet and cleared his throat.

"How much would it cost, to rent it for a few days?" Leo asked.

"A lot. It's my only room for guests. Meals are not included. And no company," he growled the last word as if it was a scourge he had to put up with in the past. But Leo didn't plan on having company, at least not the kind the barman meant.

"Not something you have to worry about," he reassured him with a smile.

The only person he would be getting up close and personal with was Angel. And that couldn't happen until he found him, rescued him and gave him time to heal and accept him as his mate. It certainly wouldn't be any time soon.

But he was a teenager, still just eighteen and he had left school months early to start his quest. He figured he looked naïve enough to want the live the high life. That would suit him fine when he finally disappeared for days on end.

Finally, the barman gave him a hefty price tag for the room and Leo pulled out twice as much from his wallet. The benefits of being from a rich family and having a rich Alpha as his best friend.

"Thank you. I'll be back down for a meal soon. I look forward to meeting this friend of yours," he claimed, handing over the wad of money to the barman, who proceeded to count it.

A scowl reached his brow and Leo worried he had insulted the man. "Here...that's too much," he protested, trying to hand the money back.

Leo was relieved. It seemed the barman was honest as well as useful. "No, my friend. You have done me a great service. Your information is the first solid lead I've had about this traveling show...that deserves gratitude," He patted the man's arm and watched as he tried to work out how he felt about that.

For a moment, he wasn't sure the barman would accept the money, but finally he nodded and thanked him, before turning and grabbing something from under the bar. "Here...the bathroom key. I usually charge extra," he admitted, his eyes downcast.

Leo laughed, because he knew the barman was just being kind to him in gratitude. He was already beginning to like this man. "Thank you,"

He waited as the barman directed him to the room upstairs and at the end of the hall. There were only a few other doors that he claimed were storage for the bar and one room for the barman and his wife.

"May I ask a favor?" he wondered, waiting for the barman's nod of agreement. "I've traveled far today and would like to rest a while. Would you send someone to fetch me, if I'm not down for this man's arrival? I wouldn't want to miss him," Leo confessed, finding that a great wave of fatigue was rushing over him already. And something else, prickling at the side of his eyes. He had a feeling it wasn't good.

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