You're so happy- what did i do?

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I pulled my pants up for about the hundredth time since putting them on and I watched as Bryce scowled at me with nothing but a pair of leather pants on. I let them fall down again so they exposed the black and red boxers beneath them just a little. I wore a tight black v-neck with these stupid skinny jeans that were tight everywhere else but my waist. The boots I was wearing pissed me off when the chain hit the leather material. I felt ridiculous but in Bryce's words, I looked 'fifty shades of sexy'. Whatever the hell that mean. 

Bryce looked back at me with a smile and I cocked my eyebrow at his happy act. Ever since yesterday he had been a bucket of smiles and happiness. It kinda made me pissed because it had happened after he left me. The thought of another man touching him made my skin prick, but it was not my place to worry about such matters. 

"Let's get going!" he said with a huge smile. 

I can't take this anymore! "Why the fuck are you so happy!?" Bryce turned around with the smile still on his lips. 

"I am the way I always am," he answered and practically skipped out of the room. I ground my teeth together as I yanked my giant duffle bag onto my shoulder. I stomped out of the room and all about pushed Striker as I walked by. 

"What the fuck is your problem!?" he seethed. I turned around pinning him with a glare. He shook his head and then continued to walk toward his room. i couldn't help but feel jealous that Jamie had finally found someone and I was hiding things away- but they aren't relevant since I am straight. 

"Danger come on!" Bryce said as he yanked me away by my elbow. I stiffened beneath his touch but he was too damn happy to notice. "Danger, why are you so mopey?" when he had me in the car with him in the driver's seat. I looked over at him and found him smiling away still. 

"You don't care," I mumbled and then looked out of the window so he couldn't see my face. I was hurt. Why? I don't fucking know, but what I do know is that this feeling is a new one. I am usually the one to inflict pain and yet all Bryce ever does is make me feel so- sad, distraught, disgruntled, curious, and horny. Fuck he makes me sooooo horny. 

"Danny, come on," Bryce moaned. My head snapped over to him where he was not smiling but smirking instead. 

"What did you just call me?" I asked with real confusion. 

"Danny. Dan-ger. Danny," he said with a smile. "I will call you Danny and you will like it." He smiled again and for a minute I was lost in it. The way his white teeth flashed under his perfect pink lips. The way his charcoal eyes lit up and how carefree he looked. He was so....beautiful. 

"Why are you so happy?" I heard myself say. He tilted his head to the side and shrugged. "No, You left the house yesterday mad as hell and then you come back with the biggest grin on your face ever. What happened Bryce?"

"Why does it matter?" he whined. 

"Because I need to know!" 


"Becuase you are mine and mine only!" I wanted to shout but instead my smooth as said, "Because you and I are in this fake relationship and I need to know if I will have to cover for you when he comes over." I slumped in my chair and huffed. Why can't I just be honest with the boy? Why can't i just admit to him and myself that he is everything I have ever wanted in a woman? Oh yeah! Because he's a guy!

"He-he is going to there with us so there is no covering. I just will go to his room at night sometimes," he mumbled low. I grabbed my heart because of the stinging pain that shot threw me. So-so it was someone else? He had met someone else last night and they most likely fucked and now he is going to fall in love with him and leave me alone. Why does that little- okay- huge revelation hurt so damn much? All this time I have been telling him to leave me alone and now that he is actually going to do it, I am breaking apart. 

"Danger, don't look like that," he said as he pulled into the parking lot of "Rave" a club downtown. 

"Like what?" I said not meeting his eyes. 

"Like you care," he answered and then threw his door open. I wanted to reach out and grab him but just as he stepped out a man with black hair that swept across his forehead and dark eyes came up to him and grabbed him first. 

"Bry!" he cheered in a thick accent. My eyes narrowed at him as he spun him around and then dipped him before touching his lips to his. I felt like the Incredible Hulk as I threw open the door and heard it crack. I stomped out of the car and crossed my arms over my chest as I glared at their kissing. 

"I missed your beautiful smile," the man said. 

"Jason, stop," Bryce said slightly flattered, slightly nervous. He could tell I was about thirty seconds from walking over to this 'Jason' fellow and beating him is hard he would lose that damn accent. 

Jason picked Bryce up and gave a smug smile toward me. I stiffened and narrowed my eyes at the audacity of this man. "Who's you friends, Bry?" he asked with his arm still strapped across MY- I mean Bryce. 

"Jason this is Danger, Danger this is-"

"Handsy? Oh, yeah I can tell," I snapped. 

Jason smirked. "Are you jealous, Danger? That's funny since Bry said last night that you are Straight. What a weird occurrence?"

I growled and Bryce ripped himself away from Jason and found his place between us. "Chill Danger!" he hissed.

I looked at him flabbergasted. "He- You- I- He fucking started it!" 

"No, you did! Now calm the fuck down!" Bryce said as he pushed me. My heart seemed to shatter as his heat left me and he walked back over to Jason. Jason kissed his forehead before stepping away. I smiled in delight as he did this but frowned when I saw that he only did it so he could check out Bryce's body.

"You look so delicious," he siad and looked up into Bryce's eyes with a lustful look. 

"Yeah well you look ho yourself," he answered and leaned over to kiss him just as the club door opened and a man came out with a smile. 

"Fallen!" he yelled toward Bryce. Fallen?

"Hey, Red," Bryce said as he came over and hugged him. I heard them talk but let go in through one ear and out through the other. I was too busy having a stare down with Jason to really pay attention/ His dark eyes were glowing as he smirked at me like I had lost a game, but little did he know that I was never a player.

Not until just now.

I felt a hand land on my chest and I looked down at Bryce to find him smiling up at me with warning eyes. "This is my boyfriend, Danger, and you know Jason," Bryce said. My heart lifted as he said boyfriend and god help me I wanted it to be true. I am sick and tired of hiding myself from him. It is time to get over myself and my parent's teachings and take a risk.

I wrapped my arm around Bryce and smiled over at Red. "Yeah, I'm the boyfriend," I said and then stole a kiss. He gasped silently into my mouth and I released him just to stare down into his eyes.

"The boyfriend?" he repeated.

"The boyfriend," I confirmed.  


Finally getting somewhere! I'm sorry it took so long, the guys I am writing about were on vacation and they coudn't call me so I mean...yeah. 

Well World War III is about to start between these guys! Pre-warning. 


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