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"So, while we're with y'all, Aladdin and Morgiana will guard the other area with Ja'far-san?" Hope asked later that evening as their group stood in front of the mansion that she and Faith were supposed to be guarding with Sinbad and Masrur.

"Yes. I'm glad you all decided to come," Sinbad replied with a smile.

"But wouldn't it be better if you guys had Aladdin instead, since there's already supposed to be some military guys over there?" Faith asked.

"But didn't you say your sister has a Metal Vessel?" Sinbad pointed out.

"Yeah, but I also said I didn't know how to use it," Hope reminded him. "I got the impression it could be used for fighting somehow, but..."

"How long have you had it?" he asked.

"Hmm... almost half a year, now," she answered.

"Eh? And you've never managed to activate it all that time!?" he asked, surprised. "Surely you must have been in some kind of situation where you needed a little extra help, and..."

"Nope, never," the twins answered together with matching straight faces.

"There hasn't been a single problem that we couldn't solve with a little extra hard work," Hope said, crossing her arms.

"Yeah, we're invincible when we're together!" Faith said with a grin.

"I see... Twins are amazing," Sinbad said with a mollified smile, sweat-dropping. "Achoo!" he sneezed, shivering, as the chill, foggy air seeped through his clothes and skin. "So cold... Southeastern countries are so cold on foggy nights..." He should have put on some long sleeves and a scarf like the girls before they left.

"That's true," Masrur said calmly as he moved away from his master, completely unfazed.

"Idiot, stop moving a round!" Sinbad whisper-yelled, crouching behind him.

"Please don't use me as shield against the wind," Masrur whisper-yelled back as he fought to get away while Sinbad fought to keep him close so he could use him for cover from the cold.

'And these are the 'adults'...' Hope thought with an amused smile, sweat-dropping at their shenanigans.

"!" the two men said, surprised when Faith suddenly squeezed in between them and looped one of her arms through each of theirs with a very smug and happy grin on her face.

"Fufu~ It's a 'hottie sandwich'!" Faith said, looking very pleased with herself. The two men sweat-dropped.

"Wow, way to take advantage, Faith..." Hope said with a wry smile as some shutters slammed open behind her on the second story.

"Hey, you down there!" the fat nobleman inside shouted angrily with a vein throbbing on his forehead, a chicken leg in his hand, and girl on each arm. "Guard the area properly! For goodness' sake... just because the army doesn't have enough manpower, they only sent two guards over, making me so worried that I lost my appetite!"

'There's four of us here, you know...!' the twins thought, chagrined. Veins throbbed on their foreheads as Hope sweat-dropped, while Faith flipped the rude fat-ass off, when he turned away from the window while gnawing on the chicken leg.

"He's still eating nonstop, though," said Masrur.

"Eating food in a warm room... such a privileged man," Sinbad remarked dryly, rubbing his arms in an attempt to warm them.

'Says the king...' Hope thought wryly as she sweat-dropped again.

"Bastard," Faith muttered grudgingly, eyeing the food and women with envy.

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