A Past Party {1}

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I looked through my apartment furiously. I was cross dressed today due to the fact that my girlfriend was coming over today. Rage boiling in my veins as I searched desperately for the stone. Some may say, "Oh (Y/N)! It's just a rock! Don't worry about it!" But this was no ordinary rock. This stone was a crystal passed down from generations. My family used to say that it was magic. It may be some fairy tale but I still cared about it. I scrambled around, desperate to find the precious stone. I pulled up the couch cushions, slightly tearing the fabric with my nails. At this point I was getting frantic. I tore open the drawers and dug through them. Suddenly, a bright light blinded my vision.

I fell backwards on my butt. Shock pulsed through me, as I looked around. I was in a dimly lit alleyway. I reached back, and touched the silver, Glock 26, in my back pocket. My coat covered it up. I stood up, and walked out into the street. Woman were clothed head to toe in dresses and heels. Men wore tunics made of silk and cloth. The clothes they wore, were so, fancy. People greeted me, by saying, "Sir."

I felt out of place here. I looked around as I walked the street. I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I jolted in surprise. I turned around to see a man looking at me. "Hello, Sir! I noticed you seemed slightly out of place here! I wanted to ask if you were okay?" He asked me.

I did the manliest voice I could, and thankfully, I had a good impression. "Um, yes. I'm okay. I just am kind of, uhh, broke." I lied.

It was true. I wasn't necessarily wealthy. Just, stable. "Ah! Well, I have a friend that could help you." He yelped, smiling.

"Oh, by the way, my name is Alexander Hamilton. What is yours?" Alexander asked.

Panic ran through my mind. "U-mm.. My name is.. Xavier. Xavier (L/N)." I lied.

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Xavier. You can call me Alex. The friend I'm taking you to is named Hercules Mulligan. He's a tailor. I can pay for you." He said kindly.

"No! I can't have you do that for me! You just met me!" I yelped, shocked.

"It's to problem, Xavier. I don't mind." He said. "Hercules gives me discounts anyway. It's better if I do this." He added.

Guilt flooded my mind. The two of us finally made it to a bar. "My friends are probably still here."

I only nodded. I felt horrible for doing this. I followed him into the bar. There were hardly any people. There were three noticeable men at a table. "Alex! Mon ami! You've been gone for so long!" The first man said, with a think french accent.

"I've been gone for 10 minuets tops Lafayette!" Alexander scoffed.

"It's still too long! And who's this with you?" Another man asked. He was tall, with a face full of freckles. His long curly hair was in a ponytail.

"This is, Xavier (L/N)." Alex answered.

"His clothes look strange.." The last man answered. This man was tall, muscular, and dark-skinned. He had a navy blue bandanna around his head.

"Xavier, this is Hercules Mulligan, John Laurens, and Marquis de Lafayette." Alex said proudly about his friends. "Guys, this is Xavier L/n."

"Hello!" John said happily.

"Bonjour!" Lafayette said.

"Hmmmnnn..." Hercules mumbled.

"Whats wrong Herc?" Lafayette asked.

"I can't get over the fact about how strange your clothes look." Hercules mumbled in annoyance.

"Well I'm not staying for long." I promised wearily. I hope I don't stay too long.. I like my home more.

They all looked at me. "Well at least sit down and have a drink!" John invited happily, pouring me a glass of booze.

I sat down beside Alex and looked into the mug. Lafayette downed his beer quickly. I took a small sip. It tasted alright. It wasn't very good, but it wasn't something I would repel. "That's it." Hercules snapped.

He grabbed my arm. "Come on. I can't even look at you with an outfit like that."

He pulled me up, and led me to his shop. The others followed close behind. After about an hour of pacing, and worry, he got me an outfit. It was a light brown tuxedo with a white undershirt. I walked into the changing room to change. I looked down at my bra as I was about to change. Panic rushed through me as I realized it wasn't clipped. I could never clip these back on. I usually needed a mirror or something. I spent about 5 minuets trying to fix it. Finally, I got it fixed. I threw on the rest of the outfit. After about 10 more minuets of wrestling with the tie, trying to get it on right, I was dressed in the new clothes. They were fairly uncomfortable. I put the gun, in the back of my outfit, hidden underneath my shirt. I fixed my hair into a small ponytail like Alex's, with a royal blue ribbon I had found on the ground. I walked out towards the group. "What do you think?" I asked, almost forgetting to adjust my voice.

"It looks good. A little too small, but much better." Hercules commented, nodding, as he walked around me examining the outfit. "Oh, and you can keep the suit for free." He added, smiling warmly.

I smiled happily back. "By the way, we found this rock in your coat." John said, holding up the crystal.

I quickly grabbed it from him, and shoved it in my pockets. "It's nothing. Just a little thing I found." I lied quickly.

They noticed my voice change back to my regular voice. "Are you okay, Xavier?" Alexander asked.

"Y-yes. I'm fine." I say.

I stretched. I heard a small pop, that wasn't a joint. Horror flooded my mind, as I realized it was my bra. "I- uhh. I need to go." I yelped.

I grabbed my stuff, ran towards the entrance, and into the alleyway. I reached back, panicked, and tried to fix my bra, as it continued to fall off. I heard footsteps enter, as I finally fixed it. Temporarily. "X-Xavier?! Y-y-your a g-girl?!" John stammered, shocked.

I sighed, and turned around, and spoke in my normal voice. "Yeah. I'm a girl. What about it?" I snapped, furiously.

"There's nothing wrong with that, mon amie. Ça va!" Lafayette chirped.

I flushed in embarrassment. "Well I need to go." I said, looking up at them.

"Huh?" Alex asked.

"I don't want to stay around too long." I said.

I turned and walked into the alleyway, and pulled out the crystal. "I just want to go home..." I whimpered.

And the same blinding light, that I had seen when I got here, appeared again.

I fell onto my couch, shock pulsing through me. I looked down at my clothes. They were still the light brown tuxedo. I stood up, grabbed the crystal, and put it on a high shelf. I closed my eyes and tried to comprehend what just happened. Before I regained myself, I heard someone knocking on the door. "One second!" I called.

I looked in the mirror and fixed my bra, making sure it was secure, before I opened the door. I saw my girlfriend, Mar! Her real name was Maria, but everyone just called her Mar. I pulled her close, and kissed her forehead. "Hey babe." I smiled.

"Hi love" She said smiling, as she hugged me back.

"Where'd you get the fancy getup?" She said, smirking.

"The 1700's" I sneered.

Mar giggled, as I gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. The rest of the night we watched Netflix, but I couldn't pull my mind away from the strange events of earlier. As Mar left, I stared at the crystal. I sighed, and put it down. I walked across my apartment, and went to bed. My dreams, haunted, by the strange encounter. The day had been so exhausting, I didn't even bother to change.


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