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"Yeah and we almost kissed for the third time. And then this super model looking girl steps out the car and all of his attention goes to her!" I huffed.

"You sound jealous." Devon laughed.

"I am not." I huffed, crossing my arms.

"Someone is jealous..." Beth sing songed.

" I will throw these nasty ass mashed potatoes at you." I threatened her.

Beth held up her hands in defense.

The lunchroom was very crowded and loud as usual and I hadn't seen Dillon all day.

"Speaking of him... where is your boyfriend?"  Devon asked.

"He's not my boyfriend." I stated

"So both of you kissed and you still haven't made it official?!" Devon asked me.

"Kisses don't mean anything." I lied.

"Mhm." They both said as they eyed me.

"Oh so that boy that you kissed in the locker rooms in sixth grade is official?" I shot at Devon

"You know what we mean." Beth said.

I rolled my eyes and ate a french fry.

"It's complicated maybe." I looked down at my hand.

"Cait, this is not a Facebook relationship status.  I told you from the start you and him would fall in love like a book!"

"We." Beth corrected him.

"Oh shut up." He threw a french fry at her and we laughed as it sat in her curly hair.

"Asshole." Beth hit his shoulder.

"Think about it girl; it's almost summer- we get out of this hell-hole in two more weeks. Wouldn't it be cute to just go for it and say 'hey,  Dillon be my boyfriend!"

My cheeks burned as a couple of girls turned their heads when they heard Devon.

"Look it's my love life I'll make the decisions. Thanks for caring though. I appreciate both of you."

"No problem." they said.

I know Devon is right. Maybe I should just ask and do it fast too so that girl won't ask before I do.


I smiled brightly as a saw Dillon walking up to me as I got home from school.

"Hey." he smiled

"Hi." I replied.

"Sorry I wasn't at school today. Mom wanted Michelle and I to miss a day to hang out with Jo. Hope you didn't miss me too much." He smirked, getting closer to me.

"Oh how lost I was with out you!" I said sarcastically.

"Ha-ha." He smiled; his eyes lighting up. They looked so cruel the first time I saw them- now it's the opposite.

"Oh before I forget, mom wants to know if you can babysit next weekend." He asked.

"Sure, but if you don't mind me asking why can't that girl do it she looks old enough?"

"Michelle misses you. She likes you more than she likes me!" He chuckled.

It made my heart flutter.

"Well of course I'll do it I miss her too." I started to turn away to walk to my front door.

"Wait." He stopped me. I raised my eyebrow.

"Um I just wanted to say that your hair looks good." His face turned red all over and I felt like laughing.

"Thank you." I smiled as I waved a flirtatious wave and walked away.


Dillon POV

Goddamn it Dillon. Get yourself together. Since when have you been too shy to ask Cait to go on another date?! I wanted to face palm myself as I walked up the stairs.

I turned the doorknob to my room and jumped as I saw our visitor inside going through my CD's.

"Uh...?" I said, interrupting her rummaging.

She smiled and looked at me. "You have a great taste in music." she said.

"Uh thanks." I replied.

Apparently I've met her when I was 9 or 10, but we haven't seen each other since and here she is invading my privacy.

"I'm sorry if you didn't want me in your room." she stood still when she saw my expression

Normally I would be an asshole, but my mother would kill me if she found out I was rude to our guests who is staying for more than a week or two.

"It's okay." I lied.

She smiled one of her extremely almost toothache-like smiles and walked out.

What the fuck was that about?

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