Ch-7 What are talking about?

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3rd person Pov.

As they are happy and stay silent together. Kuro speak up as he notice the bruises and the hickeys in Mahiru's neck was yet visible to his eyes. And it yet gave him some question.

Kuro: Mahiru?

Mahiru: Yes kuro?

Kuro: Did you and Sakuya have a relationship?

Mahiru look at kuro with annoyance. Then he grab kuro again and start shaking him again.

Mahiru: What the hell your talking about!?

Kuro: Ah... Stop it.

Mahiru: Explain.

Kuro: Explaining is such a pain.

Mahiru: That's what you always say!!!

Mahiru let go of kuro and sighed.

"Its because...." Kuro said as he look down. Mahiru look at kuro.

"Its because yesterday I heard that Ryusei-san said that you and that Broccoli head is Lovers.... And I kinda notice your neck that is...." Kuro said in his usual tone.

But deep inside of him, he was shattered on hearing that he has 0% chance on winning mahiru's heart, now that Mahiru already has a lover he will just be a normal servamp.

Mahiru look at kuro and blink then


Kuro got a smack on to his head from Mahiru.

Kuro: itteete,., What you do that for?

Kuro as he hold his head. Mahiru take a deep breath.

Mahiru: One, Me and Sakuya are just friends. They are just teasing me cause me and Sakuya are close. And Two, your the one who made this hickeys and bruises in my neck.

Mahiru said, realizing what he said, he look away and blush. "God damn it! Me and my stupid mouth." Mahiru curse his self.

Kuro blink and look at Mahiru. He was Glad that Mahiru and Sakuya are just friends but he has a question.

Kuro: What are you talking about I did that?

Mahiru look away with a pink cheek. Then look at kuro then look away. He calm his self first before talking seens he is blushing to death.

Mahiru: well, La-Last night...You-you came to my bed and start hugging me like I was your stupid teddy bear. Then you start licking and bitting my neck like it was a soft marshmallow to you. I-I try to stop you but your grip on me is too strong, s-so I gave up and let you...

Mahiru said nervously and without looking at Kuro who is now blushing to death, his face was red as it can get it could be as he imagine on what happen last night.

"Why the heck did I just did that to him? While, speaking of it I kinda have a good sleep, But still why?" Kuro thought. Then he felt a gentle hands in his forehead.

"That's odd, your not hot. But your face is red, and this rerely happen. Are you sure your feeling ok?" Mahiru said. Kuro look at mahiru that was infront of him and he can feel his heart is beating to fast, he want to stop it but it did not.

He slap Mahiru's hand away and pull for a hug. It he felt warmness, he felt calmness, he felt nice. He never felt this kind of feeling for his immortal life.

"I'm sorry for what I had did." Kuro whisper to the ears of Mahiru.

Mahiru blush to death and let go of kuro as he rush running towards his room. His blushing like hell.

"Why am I blushing like this? Why do my heart seriously beat faster than ever? Ah... How can he act like that? How am I suppose to hide my feelings when he act like that? Stupid Lazy Cat!" He said as he lay down to the bed.

Kuro however lay down to in the couch thinking. "I like him, No, I love him. I felt nice, I felt warm, I felt calm. He gave color to my life he gave me a meaning. He is my strength and also my weakness. But...How am I suppose to hide my feelings when his always around taking care of a cat like me... How am I suppose to hide it?... Because If I won't hide it, he will sure leave me if I say that I love him, and I don't want that to happen" Kuro thought. But kuro heard a voice the voice of his little demon.

"Sleepy ash, either way he will leave you, because one your a monster don't forget that. Two your an immortal and his a mortal. Soon, he will perish and leave this world to find peace." The little demon say.

Kuro's happy thoughts were shattered. "So I guest this happiness I felt is just temporary, and soon It will be gone like a bubble huh? I wish I could this happiness of mine will last forever." Kuro wishes before he sleep off...


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