Chapter 6

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Chapter 7: What is your feeling when you like someone?

3rd Person Pov.

When Mahiru ask kuro with a smile kuro look away and immediately blush. "Why does he look so damn cute?" Kuro thought.

"Hey Kuro, Do you anychance have cold? Your face is literally red." Mahiru said.

Kuro keep eating his food." Your such stupid that I could just die, How many times I told you that were immortals we won't catch a cold." Kuro said as he keep eating.

"Oh-Ok. But if something wrong, pls tell me ok?" Mahiru said with a smile. Kuro look at it and immediately look away. "There it goes again, his cute face. Why does it affect me that much?" Kuro thought.

Then after that, he spend the whole day thinking, being lazy as usual, playing video games and eating. He didn't sleep at all because of his thoughts. And as for mahiru who clean the whole house.


When kuro was playing his video games he notice that Mahiru was on the couch reading books.

"Hey mahiru what are you reading?"

"H-heh? A-ah... Its just for school."  Mahiru reply.

They both keep silent. But Kuro can't take it no more, he needs answers to all of his question.

Kuro: Mahiru?

Mahiru: Yeah?

kuro grab the book indicating that he want to talk. Mahiru sat up and face kuro.

Kuro: What is your feeling when you like someone?

In mahiru's mind.

Processing the question...

10 %

Huh!? What!?

What did he say? Did he.... Did ever... Did he discover that I like him?
Maybe he did...
Ah.... What to do? What to do?

What kind of question is that anyway!?

Should I tell him?

Should I?

Should I?

Ah.....This is such a pain....

end of Mahiru's Mind.

Mahiru breath in and breath out try to calm himself. He then look kuro who look at him waiting for the answer. Mahiru look away with pink face feeling nervous.

Mahiru: Well, F-First he make you happy. The-Then he make you smile. The-then you feel anxious or nervous when his around and- An-And your heart beat faster when his around a-and and...

Mahiru look kuro who is looking down to the floor trying to process what mahiru was trying to say. Mahiru breath in and out again then he look kuro with a smile.

Mahiru: I guest he just make you happy. 😄

Then kuro look at mahiru. "Your so cute..." Kuro said that enough to be heard by Mahiru.

"What did you say Kuro?" Mahiru ask, cause he barely can't believe kuro said that.

Realizing his mistake, Kuro when out of the topic to avoid the mistake he was just said.

"I said, Is that what you feel when your around with Sakuya?" Kuro ask.

In mahiru's Mind.


End of Mahiru's mind.

"What the hell did you just say you stupid cat!?" Mahiru grab kuro and start shaking him.

"Ah...Your so stupid I could just die.." Kuro said in laziness.

"Explain, what did you just ask. Now" Mahiru yelled with annoyance.

"Ah...Told you explaining is such a pain..." kuro said again.

Mahiru let go of kuro. And sighed, he look at the ceiling and start laughing.
When he saw mahiru is laughing his heart somehow smile. "I swear that laugh, how he smile, how he make me smile, his voice was music to my ears. I won't let anyone take that away from Him." Kuro thought.

"Whats wrong with you Mahiru?" Kuro ask.

"Well, I just remember the day when I first met you, here in this living room I set a contract to a vampire who become my Trustable friend." He said it with a smile.

"That day, That's the day I felt happy, I met an annoying kid, a stubborn one too. But who cares, his kind-hearted Human. The only human who will call a monster like me as a Trustable friend. Wait did he just call me a Trustable Friend?" Kuro thought.

"Did you just call me a trustable friend? Mahiru?" Kuro ask.

"Yeah, Beside your a good Servamp who colored my life." He said as he smile.

"I wish It can be more than a friend Kuro, cause I like you. But its ok if not, atleast we could still be friends." Mahiru thought.

Kuro was shock on what mahiru said."He really is a unique kid, I wish we could be more than trustable friends mahiru. Cause I can declare that I lik- No I love you." Kuro thought.

Then kuro stand up sit beside mahiru. They both stayed silent. But Mahiru was smiling so thus kuro, but not quiet cause he didn't show it in his face. But he is happy.


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