Ch-3 Friends

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Mahiro's Pov

I was tapping at the table looking at my teacher with her boring lesson. Waiting for the time pass by, "I wish the bell will rang already" I whisper to my self.

Then my wish came true, hah? maybe I should wish again it might come true. I smile then I start to stand up,Sakuya approach me.

"Hey, Mahiru. Let's walk together" He offer.

"Sure sakuya," I said with a smile.

"Hey you two lovers, How about us?" Ryusei interrupt.

"Ryu-chan, how about we give the two lovers a space?" Koyuki said with a smile.

"Hey, who do you think your calling a Lovers huh?" I said.

"Hahahaha... Come on honey lets go home" Sakuya said as he put his arm around my neck and gave me a wink.

"Hey, stop it." I said in annoyance. Then I smile to them. This scene is the best my friends and me smiling together. I wish this scene won't disappeared, but I know someday it will.

"Mahiru?" Ryusei and Sakuya call my name. I didn't notice that were already walking home.

"Yeah?" I answer.

"You ok? What are you thinking? Its like your lost?" Ryusei said.

"You could tell us if you have problems." Sakuya said.

"Hmp, Mahi-chan" Koyuki said.

"Nothing really-" Then I notice that my bag is moving and start unzipping, as Kuro jump into my head.

"Mahiru~ Lets go home I'm hungry meow~" As he stretch his tiny little paws.

"Not quite, I'm going to grocery first." I said to him.

"Hm? Why?" He said lazyly.

"I think I know the answer." Ryusei said.

"Yeah, me too." Sakuya said.

"How can such a cute Servamp cat can empty your fridge?" Koyuki said.

"You don't wanna know, koyuki." I said.

"Huh? I guest his that Lazy is he?" Ryusei ask.

"Yeah, Just like a sloth" I answer.

"His not call The Servamp of Sloth for nothing." Sakuya said.

"Yeah, I agree" I said.

Koyuki: What else you do Kuro-chan?

Kuro: Ah... I eat, sleep, and play video games.

Ryusei: That's a good life.

Mahiru: How come you can say that Ryusei?.

Ryusei: His lucky he don't need to go to school, work at home or clean a room, scold by a mother and everything.

Kuro: Eh? Mahiru always scold me everytime.

Mahiru: Well, you always make a mess. And lazy around. You always sleep, and might sleep for a day.

Sakuya: Won't that be bad?

Kuro: You idiot Broccoli head, were immortals it doesn't affect us. Your such a idiot that I could just die.

Sakuya: What did you call me lazy cat!?

Sakuya grab kuro.

Kuro: Hey put me down meow~

I just laugh as they get along. Koyuki and Ryusei knows that Sakuya and Kuro are vampires but different type. Seens Tsubaki disappeared and no one knows where is he Sakuya and I became friends again.

At first Ryusei and Koyuki don't know about it, but seens they discover kuro the cat turn into a human I explain everything.

As everything is normal. I went to the groceries and my cart is full of junks foods and cup ramens, well as expected kuro.

I try to convince him to eat healthy but he refuse and said "Its not like gonna affect me seens I'm an immortal anyway." After that I didn't argue seens its ok.

After we headed home, Kuro turn into a vampire form and make hiself comfortable in the couch as he watch T.V.

I in the other hand take a bath then make dinner for me and kuro. Then there it goes again, A warm hands was on my waist and his head is in my shoulder.

My body feels calm when he do that, I want to lean over him, but I stop my self. I can feel my face get pink again when he do that. I wonder why he do that?

And mostly why do I blush when he is like this? I guest I like him.

Yes I like him, But I don't have a guts to confess, beside its impossible that he will like me too. I sighed loud.

"Whats wrong?" Kuro said. I forgot that his here. As I look his face, I blush and look away. "N-Nothing" I said.

As I continue my work. "Hurry up Kuro-chan is hungry~" He said lazily.

"Ok, But if kuro-chan won't let go of Mahi-chan, then he won't get any for dinner" I said.

"How mean Mahi-chan" kuro said as he let go and of me and went to the dinning table. How cute, I mean his cute when his a cat but this time his a vampire form, he looks adorable and cute.

Oh no, I'm blushing, and I can feel it. I'm imagining things, come on Mahiru forget about that.

Its not like his gonna like you the way you like him.

I sighed again and continue to work.

As we eat dinner together. As I look at him, I start to day dreaming. His cute crimson red eyes, his adorable face...His...Snap out of it mahiru.

"Mahiru? Are you ok? Your face is red. Anychance you catch a cold?" He adk me.

"No, I don't think I have" As I act natural infront of him.

"Hn" Is only he could answer and continue eating.

Few that was close. Maybe you should calm your self mahiru when Kuro is beside you. Maybe you should relax.

As we done eating, As usual I wash the dishes and clean up, seens his super duper lazy and won't do anything. After that I went straight to my room and sleep.


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