Ch-1 Pls don't leave me

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Mahiro's Pov.

I was walking in a dark valley, everything around me is pitch black I can't see anything. My body feels weak and its like it would like to fall down, but I keep walking and walking until I found myself on the living room of my apartment.

The T.v was on, "Huh weird?" I say to myself the controller was laying on the floor, some empty cup ramens are on the floor, Its like someone is here.

"Huh? I didn't eat any cup ramens all watch the T.v, weird" I thought. I went to the kitchen, then I saw the dinning table has two plates. "Two plates?" I thought.

I was confuse that I don't know whats going on, Its like I forgetting something, something important, something....Or maybe someone.

"Your such a troublesome that I could just die" A wind whisper to me, but I didn't see anyone.

What was that voice? That voice is familiar?  Who's voice is that? I keep asking my self. Then suddently a blur vison of man was standing infront of me.

"Sorry Mahiru, sorry but I need to find another, I need to find a eve that is strong not weak like you, Your such a pain that your so a kid and naive, your so weak and.... A pain, so sorry I need to leave" He said.

That voice was familiar, I didn't notice but my heart was shattered in a million pieces hearing that from a mysterious voice, my heart sink in. Then suddently I  fell my cold tears in my cheek. "Heh? why am I crying?" I ask my self.

Then a memory went to me, its a memory where I meet kuro.





As I remember that I found myself hugging my knees and fell down.

Why Kuro?

Why would you leave me?

Pls don't I don't want to be alone...



Kuro... Come back pls....

Kuro! As I wake up discovering that I'm
panting so hard. I heard the door was open and the sound of the bell.

"Mahiru? You ok?" Kuro ask me with a worried face.

I smile "Fine" I said.

"Then why did you call me then?" Kuro ask.

I look down, "Nothing" I said. "Glad that was just a dream, or is it?" I thought.

"hn" Kuro just answer. I look at my desk to find its already 6:45 am in the morning.

"Ah..... Shit!, I'm late" I said in hurry.

"Ah... early in the morning your so loud." Kuro said as he walk towards the living room. I rather was go to the bathroom then quickly change as I went to the kitchen and prepare breakfast.

While I was making breakfast I felt a warm hug coming from behind. It was kuro, he lay down his face in to my shoulder.

"Mn...Mahiru, that smell nice" He said.

I swear my fave just turn slightly pink, "If you say so..," I said as I continue what I'm doing ignoring him.

"Tell me when its ready" Kuro said. "I will, but ah...can you let go of me and sit in the dinning table? Your kinda... Distracting me..." I manage to say, yes his distracting me. I don't know why but my heart beat faster than ever when he is close and I kinda... My cheek turn turn pink when he is so close like this.

"Hn" he said as he let go and sit in the dinning table.

When I'm done, I tell him to hurry up cause I'm gonna be late to school. "Your such a troublesome that I could just die" Kuro said.

As always his famous catch-phrase. As expected for a cat like him.


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