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"Loser, party of one. Right this way please." Uma said as she gestured to a table before kicking a chairs towards Mal, which she caught.

"Place still stinks." Mal said as she sat down before looking at me. "And I see you and Harry finally got together, sis."

"And I see you're still the naive girl who left six months ago, little sis." I said looking at her with no emotion.

"Oh, I'm sorry. We're down a butler today, princesses." Uma said. 

"Where is he?" Mal asked.

"You know, I've dreamed of this. You wanting something from me, and me watching you squirm like a worm on a hook." Uma said after taking her apron off and throwing it into a chair. 

"I'm so flattered that you dream of me." Mal said while smirking. "I haven't given you a thought since I left." Mal said before Uma slammed her hands onto the table.

  "Obviously. You have your perfect little lives, don't you? Doesn't she have the perfect little life?" Uma asked as everyone agreed.


"And we're 20 years into a garbage strike." Uma said. 

"Listen, if you have some kind of score to settle with me, game on." Mal said.  "I see no need to bring Ben into this." Uma laughed. 

"It may be a little unnecessary, but it is so much fun. Here's the deal." Uma said as she leaned towards us.

"Just like your mother-always a catch." Mal said as Uma nodded to me and I sat down and put my hand up for arm wrestling.

  "If you win, Ben is free to go. Don't you want to know what I get if I win?" I asked as Mal puts her hand on the table. 

"Still dreaming." Mal said as Mal grabbed my hand.

  "Last time I checked, our mother put her confidence you. How did that work out again?" I asked

"On three." Mal said.

"One." I said.

"Two." Mal said.

"Three." The two of us said.

"You know that whole princess act. Never bought it for a second. You can stick a tiara on a villain, but you're still a villain." I said with disgust.

"And you can put in a new look but you're still Smoky." She said with a dramatic sigh. Mal winning and was smirking. She was close to winning until I spoke.

"If I win, you bring us the wand." I said, making Mal lose her focus.

"Now, if you want Beasty Boy back, bring us Fairy Godmother's magic wand." I said with a smirk.

"To our ship tomorrow 12:00 noon. Sharp." Uma said border walking away. She yen turned around. "Oh, and if you blab... you kiss your baby goodbye." She blew a kiss at her then walked away. I was about to walk away but Mal called me.

"Malinda." I then walked over to her and sat across from her. "Why do you hate me so much?" I shook my head and softly chuckled.

"I don't hate you. I don't really like you much." I said looking away from her. "Mal I'm jealous of you." I said looking at her.

"Why would you be jealous of me." She said looking at me.

"You get to live in Auradon, look like a royal, and you're this soon to be Lady of The Court, while I'm just the girl from the Isle." I said poring out my emotions to her.

"But Malinda, I've always wanted to be like you. Cool, funny, rebellious. If you don't like it here then come live in Auradon with me. We live together you, me, even Harry can come if he wants." She then grabbed my hand. "We can be sisters again."

"I'll consider it, but let me talk to Harry about it. Ok?" I said grabbing her hand.

"Alright. I'll see you latter sis." She said before giving me a hug before walking out. I then walked around to find Harry but I couldn't. I then saw Gil eating as usual.

"Hey Gil. Have you seen Harry?" I asked.

"He's in the back with Uma." He said pointing to true back. I then mumbled a thanks to him before going to the back. As I made it to the back, I saw Harry and Uma kissing. I widened my eyes in shock and hurt.

"What is going here?" I asked with my voice raised. They pull away and looked at me. Harry looked shocked and Uma look at me with a smirk.

"Hey Malinda." She said waving at me.

"Malinda it's not what it looks like." He said trying to walk towards me. I shook my head and took off the ring he gave me and threw at him before running out of the Fish and Chip Shop. I then ran to Dizzy's shop and ran in.

"Dizzy!" I shouted as I walked in.

"Malinda. What's wrong?" She said as she led me to a chair. I then explained to her what I saw and she hugged me tight as I cried on her shoulder. "It's going to be ok, Linda."

Harry POV

When Malinda beat Mal in the arm wrestle and Uma finished giving her instruction on what to do, she came to me.

"Come with me, Harry." She said walking towards to back. I looked behind my shoulder to see Malinda talking to Mal. As I made it to the back, Uma turned around.

"What do you want, Uma?" I asked unamused.

"Oh, you don't like to be with me anymore?" She said dramatically. She then walked over to me and smashed her lips on mine. I was too shocked to pull away, I then heard a door open.

"What is going on here?" I heard Malinda say from the door. I pulled away from Uma to see a shocked and hurt expression on her face.

"Hey Malinda." Uma said with a smirk.

"Malinda it's not what it looks like." I said trying to walk to her but she shook her head and walked backwards. She then took off my mothers ring and threw it to me before running out. I was too shocked to hear what Uma was saying to me. I then walked out from the back and hear Gil call me.

"You okay there, bro?" He asked me.

"Not right now, Gil!" I said before storming out of the shop. I walked down the ally Malinda and I used to go to when we sere kids and just drowned myself in my thoughts thinking, 'I'm such an idiot.'

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