Fantasy Male Names

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Adam -Hebrew- Red earth 

Ailen - Gaelic -Fire 

Blaize - Latin -Stuttering 

Brody -Norse - Brother 

Chay -English -Man 

Conrad -German -Wise adviser 

Derwin - German - Animal lover 

Eldridge -English -Wise adviser 

Fontayne -English -Spring water 

Goran - Greek -Farmer 

Marden - English - Meadow near the water 

Niam -Irish -Champion 

Sol -Latin -The sun 

Tate - English - Cheerful 

Ward -English - Watchman 

Aidan - Gaelic - Fire 

Atherton -English -Spring village 

Conan - Celtic - Mighty and wise 

Cosmo - Greek -Universe 

Deron -English -Water 

Draigh - Welsh - Dragon 

Dylan - Welsh - The sea god 

Eiran - Irish - Peace 

Forrest -Latin- Woods 

Innis -Gaelic -Island 

Kayne -Celtic -Bright and fair 

Marsden -English -Pasture land near the sea 

Mistral -French -Cold mediterranean wind 

Mortimer -French -Stagnant water 

Reuben - Hebrew - Behold a son 

Wentworth - English -cottage in winter 

Allard - German - Noble, enduring 

Anan -Hebrew -Cloud 

Beck -Celtic -A lonesome brook searching for a 

Blase - Latin -Stuttering 

Barrett -German -Strong as a bear 

Darnell -French -Beloved 

Dillon - Gaelic - Faithful 

Duncan - Celtic -Dark warrior 

Frewin - English - Free noble, friend 

Galen -Greek - Tranquil 

Leland - English -Shelter 

Magnus- Latin -Great 

Summerton - English -Summer settlement 

Tade -Aramaic -Gift of god 

Aaron - Hebrew - Enlightened 

Cade -Welsh- Battle 

Cullen - Celtic - Handsome 

Daegal -unknown -meaning uncertain 

Dashiel -French -Ash tree of the elves 

David -Hebrew -Beloved one 

Earthan -English -of the earth 

Ewart -French -One who serves water 

Kaine -Welsh - Beautiful 

Lazar -Arabic -Best appearance 

Llewellyn -Welsh- Like a lion 

Lucius - Latin -Light 

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