Parents | Andy Fowler

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"Babe do I look okay?" Andy sighs, looking unhappily into the mirror. This evening he's meeting my parents for the first time and I can tell he's nervous.

I walk over to him and carefully straighten his tie. Stepping back, I look him up and down.

"You look perfect" I smile, taking in how gorgeous he actually is.

Andy's silent the whole car journey, his nerves obviously getting to him as I pull onto my parents drive.

We walk up to the door step and I take his hand gently in mine.

"They'll love you" I whisper softly into his ear as the door opens to reveal my father, dressed casually.

"Darling, you look so beautiful! I'm guessing you must be Andy, nice to meet you" he reaches his hand out to shake Andy's.

"Come in, your mother's almost finished dinner" my father turns to me, obviously sensing how anxious my boyfriend is.

I step into my childhood home, pulling Andy with me down the hall full of old picture frames and down into the kitchen.

It doesn't take long for Andy to get caught up in conversation with my dad, seeming to get along quite well while talking about the music side of things. I've already told my parents a lot about Andy and what he does, but I'd rather he told them the rest to create conversation.

"Come help me with the dishes darling?" My mother calls to me from across the table. I nod, patting Andy's thigh gently as I leave the room.

"I like him, you've got good taste" mum turns to me as she passes a plate to be dried.

"He was so nervous before we came, I'm glad you like him"
"Your father seems to love him too. He'll fit right in here"
"I'm glad"

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