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(I do not approve of hunting for sport. I only approve of it if it's to live, like for food and stuff not for fun or sports and shit.)

Evans pov.

Hunting was my life. Doing it to help others or for fun.

I lived alone. Unable to fit in with society with only one friend.

Every year hunters from around the world would come to Maine try and kill the buck.

Try and keep its antlers or skin or both. That's what drew me to Maine.

The buck was pure white. Antlers that extend two feet above its head, it's tips sharp enough to kill. The buck always had stuff tied to its antlers. Like feathers and shit.

Eyes a different color. The people only knew about that from pictures taken. The Bucks eyes changed every 30 or 40 years.

No one had ever killed it. You see the buck was intelligent. It was able to see through camp, ignored any deer calls, is extremely quiet on its hoofed feet.

I loved a good hunt. The satisfaction of taking an animal down. So I had gone to Maine to try my hand with the stag.

Hunting season started and everyone was off.

I had my stuff ready. Sniper with thermal vision and enhanced scope along with a sharp shooting bow and a quiver full of arrows.

I didn't make my camp up a tree like all the other hunters. I stayed on the ground.

With my sniper in hand and bow on my side I set off.

As I continued to slowly make my way across the forest following tracks I froze. A few feet Infront of me stood the stag.

He held his head down as he grazed.

I lifted my gun and aimed it at the stag. I turned on thermal vision to make sure it would be a clean shot to the heart.

I waited. The stag still hadn't noticed me, the wind blowing my scent the opposite direction.

I cocked the gun and shot.

With one pained Yelp the buck fell to the ground.

I stood up straight and raced over to the kill. The Stags eyes were wide open.

I ran my hand over its coat. It was the softest thing I had ever felt.

The wind started picking up as i continued to look at the stag.

Then a bright light blinded me and I closed my eyes tight.

My body felt strange. My arms were now touching the ground. My head felt heavier.

When I opened my eyes the buck was gone. Standing, well more like floating, in its place was a person.

"The stags sacred duty to protect the forest has been disturbed by you. Upon his murder you will take his place until you die. " the spirit said.

"What!?" I looked down at my body and screamed.

"you will now be the protector of the forest. Live the life of the animals. Talk to them. Talk to the humans, unless they try to kill you." It said that last part with a smirk.

I remained speech less as I struggled to stand.

"I don't want this! Make me human again!" I shouted at it and took a step closer.

"It's not up to you. You killed the guardian and now you must pay the price. Reap what you sew, human, reap what you sew." And with that the spirit was gone.

I looked back down. Long white legs kept me standing. When I looked over my shoulder my body was the same. Long, white and furry.

I snorted.

I was the white stag now.

I was the guardian.

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