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"Let's go on the Raptor!" Jae-won excitedly pulled me along as we entered the park. We barely made it past the gates when he already had his heart set on a ride. "I heard it's good!"

I looked ahead of me to the large green ride. "Let's get a map first. It might be useful." As I turned to find a place, I saw a gift shop right beside me. "They might have one here."

Jae-won pouted, but followed me into the small shop. "We really don't need one. I studied the park before we came."

I rolled my eyes at him and quickly grabbed a map from the register at the front of the shop. "You are such a nerd." I said that, but was also reminded of his awful outfit and sighed. "I was expecting someone cooler than this."

He ignored me and took the map from my hands. After stuffing it into his pocket, he grabbed my wrist and dragged me towards the large green coaster ride. Immediately, he went through the silver bars in the line that separated people, going all the way to the wooden deck where the line ended.

"There isn't many people," he noted, smiling brightly as he looked around. "And it's a weekend, too!"

I raised my eyebrows at his earnestness while sticking close to him, not wanting to get lost in the process of waiting. "You sure are excited."

He looked down at me, his hat creating a dark shadow over his eyes. "You have no idea how happy I am!"

We waited a bit, with other people slowly coming into the line as well. Soon, it was completely packed and the electric fans started to run. We had finally gone up to the deck, choosing which row we wanted.

"Let's go over here," Jae tells me, tugging on my arm to bring me over. I followed him closely as he stood in the line for the front seats.

I made a face. "I don't know, Jae. Can't we sit a bit further back? I just ate, too." I thought of how we would get the brunt of most turns and loops, and seeing it all at the same time would be terrible. I couldn't say I would be able to take it.

He smiled and leaned down with his lips puckered. "Don't worry, I'll be beside you." Just as he went to kiss my lips, I turned away to watch the next coaster swing off the platform and hang in the air, everyone's feet dangling. When it was out of sight, I looked back to him.

"Why did you turn?"

I scowled. "Why'd you try a kiss me? Huh?" I raised my arm as a threat to hit him. "You perv." I pushed his shoulder so that he would look forward again.

"I'm not a perv," he mumbled solemnly. "I don't know what it is, but I'm not that."

As soon as the next coaster came up, the workers locked it into place and the platform raised again. The small gate in front of Jae opened, allowing both him and I to step onto the silver platform and sit into the seats. As soon as I ducked under the hovering piece, I sat down and looked to Jae.

"What now?"

He pulled down the bracket and quickly buckled it into place. "Pull it down like a carseat and flip up the notch. Then take the buckle between your legs and connect it to the notch."

I scrunched my face together in confusion, but pulled down the bar and did what I was told. The workers came around to adjust everyones seat belt, pushing mine down closer and locking it into place. As soon as the platform dropped, I regretted my choice.

"Jae," I whined nervously. "Jae, I'm not sure."

He titled his head my way, but because of the bars around us, I couldn't see him. "It's okay. Hold my hand, if you need to." Reaching out, he put his hand in front of me just as the coaster started to move.

I quickly grasped his hand, my other one gripping the seat for dear-life. "Jae!" I called as soon as it dipped down and swung out. It was a light feeling but it caused my stomach to drop. "I'm going to hate you for a long time!"

He dared to laugh. "It hasn't even started, Lilla. Relax." He squeezed my hand. "I read that it gets bumpy so try and keep your head straight."

I gulped. "O-okay." I leaned back, strengthening my neck muscles to keep my head from moving too much. I watched as the coaster chugged up the rail, my heart racing as it kept moving. My legs clenched against the seat instead of relaxing in the air.

We were close to reaching the top and I dropped my husband's hand before grabbing the metal bracket on my side. I barely had time to take a deep breath when we swung out again, and the rails beneath us vanished. My breath got caught in my lungs and I clenched my stomach as the force pushed against me.

We dropped down immediately, causing Jae-won to let out a small yelp. I couldn't focus on him, but rather, making it through the ride as the wind and speed got to my heart. I jolted and turned, spun upside down and sunk, all while hopelessly praying I wouldn't die in the process. My eyes wouldn't close, despite me trying hard to shut them.

It was difficult fighting the twists, too. The power of the coaster was causing my head to bobble from side to side. Several times, I forgot to keep still and my head hit the side of the seats.

When it came to an end, I couldn't help myself but hit Jae-won's back, hard. "I hate you," I tell him, my heart still weak from the ride. "You are such a jerk for making me go on that."

He nodded. "Yes, but it was fun, right?"

I glared at him, making his face grow serious as he looked me over. "What? Are you alright? Do you want to stop?"

The memory of his excitement rushed to my head and I had to sigh. Although the ride scared me to no end, I figured it would be best to just make it through the day. "No," I responded half-heartedly. "What's next?

Jae gave me a small smile for encouragement, and grabbed my hand within his own. "You shouldn't have dropped my hand, it could have helped."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, whatever dude. Let's go to the next one." I carefully walked down the steps with wobbly legs, all while never letting go of my grip on his hand.

Jae pulled out the map. "Um, it says, 'Blue Streak' is around here. Wanna check it out?"

My eyes went to the small roller coaster that was painted on the map. I nodded, walking over towards the area that seemed like the place. We both watched other people ride it for a moment before getting in line ourselves.

"This one doesn't seem too bad," I say, feeling a bit of relief wash through me. "There aren't any loops."

"I heard it's pretty fast, though."

"Maybe I should stop looking at these rides." I squeezed his hand tighter. "If I look at them, we won't be able to ride anything." I took a step closer to him, almost hugging his arm.

Jae-won shrugged. "It's what you believe." He glanced down at me. "I would ride anything here, really. So just tell me what you don't want to ride."

Another sigh. "I hate you. I really do."

He laughed at me. "Can I kiss you as an apology?" His eyes sparkled as he asked, a small quirky smile fighting to show on his beautiful face.

I wacked his shoulder. "You pervert!" I dropped his hand immediately. "This is why we can't get along. We barely know one another, too!"

Jae disagreed with my comment. "That may be true, but I have a great liking towards you. If I didn't, why would a rich man-like myself- marry you?"

I rolled my eyes. "You spoiled brat."

His arm wrapped my shoulder as he looked to the sky, a satisfied expression clear on his face. "You love me, anyway."

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