Chapter Fourteen

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(little warning for Notch haters... I'm on your side, but this time is different, m'kay? Don't kill meeee. Also, this just in, if there ends up being two chapters fourteens, it's because Wattpad is an asshole.)

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The last thing you remembered was an explosion. A very loud, earthshaking explosion, accompanied by a blinding light and followed with a ear-splitting boom. The andesite, granite, and stone flew off from the wall, breaking inside and disrupting the cuddle you and James were positioned in.

"James?" You questioned yourself, being met with a sharp pain in your head. The name quickly faded from your immediate memory and you were brought to attention.

The grey cement ground beneath you was dull, colorless, and surprisingly clean. It radiated a warmth, like sitting on a working machine. The room was a comfortable temperature, despite the whole prison vibe it gave off. There were bars separating you from what seemed to be the main hallway, as there is an identical cell to yours opposite you. A little spike of fear flitted through you, and you look around you, desperately hoping there is another being there to help explain your situation.
Seeing no one, you breath out. "Hello?"

There's was no response, beside the echo of your own voice and your breath.

Above you, a guard who had heard your meek whisper ran a good distance to the palace, taking a portal in order to reach his destination. Notch, in all his golden, bald-headed glory, was sat upon a heat-contracting thrown of brilliant shining gold. That same guard, which we shall call Bob, swiftly knelt before the god of creation, bowing his head at the treasured man.
Giving a dismissive wave of his hand, the other guards in the room were excused, and as such, shuffled their way slowly and irritatingly out of the large, elegant room. Notch turned his attention, full attention for once, to the lone guard in his presence. Those hypnotic brown eyes glowered at the lessened man, Bob, who was there to inform the great leader of your awakening.

"Your highness." He spoke clearly, forcing fake respect into his voice and keeping his gaze on the floor, waiting to be told otherwise.

"You may rise." The God's voice boomed, much louder and more exaggerated than needed. The glowstone hanging from the flattened ceiling shook slightly with the vibrations his low tone resounded throughout the whole room.

Bob got to his feet, spreading his legs to match his broad shoulder-width and hiding his hands behind his back, head still respectfully angled at the ground. The god before him scooted to the edge of his seat and watched the lowlife guard.

"Your majesty, the prisoner has awoken." He informed the shiny-headed leader, who's face grew into one of mock interest.

Notch sighed silently, discerned only by the sudden rise and fall of his chest. "I shall see him then."

"Very good, sir. Shall I accompany you?" The guard felt the world pause when the god did, as well as the crushing weight of wondering as to what would happen next. Would Notch think it was a stupid question and kill him? Would he dismiss him, leaving poor terrorized Bob without a task and ultimately leading to his total worthlessness? (Deep, I know.)
Fortunately for the shaken guard, Notch inclined his head, and the soldier tilted his own to look up at his Lord. Given the signal from the higher being, he gratefully turned about to be an envoy to the god of creation. Notch took regal steps forward, followed by a very relieved Bob.

After a little - in respectiveness with the size of the castle - while of walking, the two beings had reached the stairs down to the dungeon, where your (H/C) haired self was currently 'residing'. Notch, with his awkwardly colored boots, made the most noise with his oh-so-elegant walk down those unkept stairs. Your helpless form looked up to where the noise was coming, and perked up a little. You were very confused about this whole situation, and maybe this person could come and fix it.
When the bald God finally stepped into view, you got a very bad feeling. Mostly because he looked highly familiar...

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