Chapter 24 ~ Johnny

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I want to say sorry to Mackenzie, I want to tell her I love her. But I lost her, maybe forever.

I go back to our room to see if she's there, to tell her how sorry I am, but she's gone.

I decide to ask Lauren if she knows where she went.

"Lauren?" I start, "Do you know where Kenzie's gone?"

"Oh so now you want her, after she's gone," she says rolling her eyes.

"Please why are you acting like this?" I ask sitting down next to her, and she shoves her phone away.

"I don't know, my best friend got raped by my boyfriend an I have a lot of stuff I'm trying to work out right now,"

"What do you mean you have stuff to work out? Is it Homework, I could help if you like?" I offer.

"No it's not like that, I'll tell you soon," she says sniffling, I get up to leave but she says something else,

"Kenz said something about Brandon I think," she mumbles.

"Brandon Rowland?" I ask spinning on my heels to face her.

"Yeah, why?"

"He's like the biggest fuckboy I've ever met, and he's a drug dealer!" I exclaim.

"Shit I forgot!" She says jumping up.

"We need to help her!" I say dragging Lauren out the door.

"We need a plan first," Lauren says matter of factly.

"Um, okay," I mumble, as Lauren starts doing something in her phone.

"Okay what's gonna happen is," Lauren begins, and I try to focus on her plan, "I'll cause a distraction, then you get Kenzie and get out. Call 911 if she's unconscious or in a pretty bad state,"

"Lauren, you're genius sometimes, what's the distraction though?"

"I'll go in and ask for weed or something," she says hesitating.

"Good enough for me,"

"Right I know where he lives," Lauren says, going out the door.

"Why?" I inquire.

"I was going through some stuff okay," she mutters.

"Lauren," I say seriously.

"It's fine, don't worry about me, worry about Kenzie," she says, as we walk to Brandon's.

"Okay," I say, following her, "can you believe that it's back to school next week?"

"You're joking aren't you?" She says.

"No check your phone,"

"Ugh I can't believe we're going back to that hell hole!" She explains, and we turn a corner into a dodgy area.

"Is this where he lives?" I whisper.

"Yeah, that one," she whispers back, pointing to one of the houses.

We walk up to the front door, and ring the bell. I hear someone racing down stairs from behind the wall, then answer the door.

"Oh uh hi," Brandon says, "whatcha needin'?"

"Right Brandon I know I thought I got over myself, but I need weed like asap," Lauren says very convincingly, barging in the front door, dragging Brandon with her. They go through to the living room and shut the door, and I know this is my chance.

I charge up the stairs and through the first door I see, and find Kenzie, barely conscious, on the floor.

"Kenzie!" I whisper yell.

"J-John..." she mumbles, as I whip out my phone and call 911.

"911 what's your emergency?" Says the voice at the end of the line.

"My-My girlfriend, I think she's taken some sort of drug, she's barely conscious," I stutter.

"Okay where is your location?"

"Um, 34 dodgy street, LA,"

"Okay we have an ambulance on the way, do you know what drugs and how my your girlfriend took?"

"I don't know," I say, before hearing a soft mutter from Kenzie.

"Tin in drawer," she mumbles.

I grab the tin and open it.

"Um, they're blue pills, about a centimetre across," I say into the phone before whispering to Kenz, "how many did you take?"

She holds up one finger.

"She only took one," I say into the phone.

"Okay the ambulance is here sir,"

"Uh can you tell them to come straight through the door and up the stairs, and go through the first door, please?" I ask.

"Of course sir, you can end the call at any time,"

I hear paramedics rushing up the stairs, followed by Lauren and Brandon and hang up.

The paramedics help Kenzie, and put her on a stretcher, and try to keep her awake.

"What's your name miss?" The lady paramedic asks Kenz, while the man paramedic asks me for the tin of pills.

"Mack-Mackenzie," I hear Kenzie mumble as the paramedics take her out to the ambulance.

"Who's coming with us?" The lady asks.

"Me," Brandon says, "I'm her boyfriend,"

"Is this true?" The man asks us.

"No! He was the one who gave her the drugs! Johnny's her boyfriend!" Lauren screams, slapping Brandon, as I climb into the ambulance.

I hold Mackenzie's hand the whole way, even though I'm mad at her I still love her.

"Promise you'll never do that again?" I whisper.

"Promise," she mutters, her eyes fluttering, "Don't let me go Johnny,"

Then there's a beeping of a machine, and I hear a paramedic rushing saying,

"Her hearts stopped, we need CPR,"

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