Chapter 26

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Your Pov

"Yawn.Ehhhhh?Where's Adr

ien?"I questioned to no one in particular.I guess he left earlier without me.I shrugged it off and had my morning routine.

Going down stairs I did my down stairs routine and headed to school.

Ahhhh school.The one place where you want to die and live at the same time.How lovely!

I soon reached the gates and headed inside. Surprisingly I was earlier than the group?Team?Gang?I don't even know what to call us.

I breathed the morning Parisian air and sat on a bench against the wall.I placed my bag in front of me and took out my sketchbook.I smiled and started sketching random figures.

Soon a shadow was casted on my sketch.I looked up to find Nathaniel smiling brightly at me."I see that you've improved with hands am I right?"He said and I giggled.

"Well,I did have the best teacher."I said and he blushed slightly. We continued talking until the bell rang.For an unknown reason, I didn't see Adrien.

I shrugged and we both headed inside the classroom.I waved at Nathaniel and I sat on my seat,waiting to see Adrien siting next to me.

Before the teacher,Adrien came inside beaming red.I smiled at him,but once I noticed his features my smile dropped.He sat next to me as he placed his book bag to his side.I raised an eye brow and looked at him worriedly.

"Adrien are you okay?"

Adrien's Pov

I was raged.Walking in the school,happy to see my girlfriend, I stopped in my tracks to find Nathaniel flirting with my princess .Of course Y/N was the innocent little bean that didn't get that so she just giggled at his stupid attempt.

I got red from anger.I was so furious that I ended up not hearing the bell.I walked to class with heavy footsteps and tried to calm down.Jealousy had coursed through my veins and my kind of jealousy doesn't wear off that easily.

"Adrien are you okay? "My angel asked me.I turned around in sonic speed and nodded furiously.She got confused."Yes yes I'm good."I managed to speak out.But before Y/N could say anything, miss Bustier entered the room and we all went quiet.

Through the class time Y/N would steal worried glances my way and I would just give her an unreal smile.

I knew she didn't believe me,but I didn't want her to know that I was jealous.If she knew that I was,she would probably think that I don't trust her.But I trust her with my whole life.I know she would never cheat on my.

The school bell rang and that meant that it was time for lunch.We all got up and as expected Y/N took my hand and pulled me out of the classroom.

We were outside,behind a corner so no one could see us."Adrien what's wrong?"She pleaded.I sighed.I didn't want to admit it but I had to.

"I'm jealous ok?"I finally spat out.Her eyes widened in shock. "Of what?"She curiously questioned.I growled silently as I ruffled my hair.

"I'm jealous of you being alone with Nathaniel..."I said and she smiled kindly."Oh Adrien...he's just a friend you know that?"She assured but I only sighed.

"To you yes but he has been flirting and trying to make a move to you for ages.You are just so innocent that you don't get it when someone tries to seduce you"I pulled her into a loving hug,wrapping my arms around her waist firmly.

"I just...don't want to loose you to someone else " I whispered as I buried my head in the crook of her neck.She pulled me away and made me look into her mesmerising eyes.

"Adrien,that was very brave of you"I blinked.Wait wut?She figured out my silent questioned and chuckled quietly."Not every guy has the courage to admit that their jealous you know"

She said a small smile forming on her lips.She pulled me close once more and kissed my forehead,before linking both of our foreheads together.

"And just so you know,you'll never loose me to someone else. And... I hope that goes for you too " She said and I grinned widely.

"I'd never dream of it."We pecked each others lips and went to the cafeteria,hand in hand, so we could get some food,before our next class.


Author Chan: Ok that was really short I'll admit it.

Ladybug:It's ok Author,you did your best!

Author Chan:Thanks Ladybug! Hey...are you still upset?

Ladybug:*nods head and looks down*

Author Chan:Awe come here.

Ladybug: *hugs author*

Author Chan: Don't worry.I promise you that something good will happen in the future.

Chat Noir:*comes out of nowhere*

Chat Noir Hey! Ladybug keep your hands to yourself.

Ladybug:*glares at Chat*

Chat Noir: Don't you glare at me!She's my woman.

Author Chan:Wait wut-

Author Chan:*gets pulled away from Ladybug by Chat*

Author Chan:Hey...I was having a moment with Ladybug!She's upset you know.

Chat Noir:So?It's my duty to protect you since I'm your boyfriend.

Author Chan: .....

Ladybug:*tries to hold laughter*

Chat Noir:*confused*

Chat Noir:What?Why are you laughing?

Author Chan:I have a boyfriend.

Chat Noir: .....

Ladybug: Told you he'll shut up.

Author Chan:Fine you won . Here's your 20 bucks.

Chat Noir: *Chat Noir has stopped working*

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