Chapter 3.

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It was Tuesday morning, five days has already passed. Things are getting easier. But im still trying to convince myself.I even told Elena about Josh, she didnt take it very well. She made me laugh when she said she was going to kick his ass and made some ”ninja moves.” She made me feel better, but every time i got home again, the same deep whole in my chest grew back again. Just the way it used to be. Enough complaining, Sarah. You are sixteen now, you are bigger than this.

I smiled at myself. Today i felt really good. I jumped out of the bed, one hour before i usually wakes up, running around in the house in my pyjamas and turned the music on. Wow, is this what it feels like when people are happy. Its not like i have any reasons to be happy. I decided to go for it as i ran outside in the beautiful weather to check the mail box. Ah, its finally getting warmer, no wonder why i am happy today. The summer is my favorite time at the year. I stack my hand inside the mailbox and grabbed a small letter. A invitation, i gasped as i read: ”Dear Sarah, im throwing this mascarade ball on Friday and id love if you came to get your thoughts away from him” Thank you so much, i didnt even think about him before now. I growled. Then i continiud reading ”so meet up with a mask, yeah you already know the rules. Just make sure to tell me your costume xx” I smiled at the letter. Almost no one will know who i am there and even better, Josh isnt invited. I jumped up and down in happiness. I dont know why im so freaking excited over a mascerade ball, ive been on them for way too many times, i guess its a ‘fresh start’ Maybe i will even hook up with some stranger.

Days passed and it was Friday already. Ive spent my last few days shopping with Elena and the rest of my friends. Ive never felt better in ages. I havent even talked with Josh. Hes only hanging out with the popular kids, not that it matters anyway. He keeps sending me those weird looks, i cant figure it out. It looks like his hurted, not that he has a reason. If anyone should be hurted here, it should be me. I shoke my head to get the thoughts away. NO MORE JOSH THOUGHS! I walked down stairs and down to my room. I opened my closeth just to look at my costume for tonight one last time. I stared at it, amused and imagined how cute i would look in it. ”Only a few hours left” I smiled as i said it out loud. I couldnt even wait to get out of the house, i feel so alone in here because my mom is on a trip.. Without me.


I walked down the hallway, seeing people kissing. Almost like they ate each other up. As i entered Elena’s living room i could hear ”Starships,” my favorite song getting played. A lot of people were dancing around, screaming, laughing and smiling. I couldn’t see exactly who they were because of the masks and the costumes. ”Would you like to dance” a dark voice said. I smiled cute and walked up to him. ”I’d love too” He smirked as he made some dance moves, i followed him like a weirdo. No one seemed to notice, so i didn’t even care. I saw the boys muscles thru his costume. ”D’aww” he looked at me confused. ”D’aww what?” I blushed as i understood what i said. I didn’t even realize i said it out loud. I just answered with a laugh. Luckily, i didn’t have two left foots like the other girl besides me. Thank god she’s wearing a mask, or it could be pretty awkward for her. Suddenly the music went slower and the boy i was dancing with pulled me closer. I leaned my head at his chest and smelled his perfume. He smelled like a sweet rose in a boy-ish way. I giggled against his chest. “this is my favorite song atm” i smiled at him. He made me so happy even though i didnt really know him. He nodded agree and smiled at me while he was leaning into a kiss..”Sarah” someone shouted behind my back, i pulled my away as i turned around and saw Elena. ”Sarah?” The boy i almost kissed looked confused at me. Crap, i knew that voice. How come i didn’t realize it before now?

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