Chapter THREE ♡

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*3 days later*

// Kayleigh's POV //

"KAYAAAA!" Sophie screamed from downstairs
I tried to open my eyes but I can't
And, i hate being called Kaya
"KAYA, IF YOU DON'T COME DOWN HERE I WILL PUT YOU DOWN!" Sophie screamed once again
"Ughh" I groaned

I got up and got dressed for the day
I went downstairs to see my mum
and step dad eating breakfast

"Good morning" i said
"Oh hi, good morning" mum said
I sat down and ate my breakfast peacefully
"KAYA!" Sophie screeched on my ear

"Calm down Sophie!" I said and rolled my eyes
I finished eating my breakfast and i head down to the bus stop

time passed by and it was the end of the school

"Hey Kayleigh! Did you get invited to this party?" Sydney asked
"What party?" I said with a puzzled look on my face
"Jack's party" She said
"What kind of party?" I asked
"It's like a disco party with the whole school. Well not the whole school" she said
"Where is it going to be?" I asked one more time
I know, i get annoying sometimes
"It's going to be in his house. I heard he has a massive house" she said

He obviously has a massive house, he's one of the richest kids of the school

"There you are!" Said a person from behind
"Oh hey Cody" i said
Cody is one of Jack's friends
"You're invited to Jack's party which is in 4 days! You're lucky to be invited!" He said and winked

To be honest, Cody is actually pretty nice, he's not like Harvey

Well Jack... He's okay i guess... He kind of brags a lot.

"Omg! You're invited!" Sydney said, happily
"We should totally go shopping for the party!" She added
"Why do we have to?" I said
"Cause we're obviously going to Jack's place! We obviously need to dress up like really cool kids" she said
"Fine" i sighed

Me and Sydney walked to the gates but then someone shouted my name
I turned around and saw Harvey running towards me
I fold my arms and rolled my eyes
Aha yes, i love to roll my eyes

"What do you want?" I said
"Never mind" he said and ran away
What's wrong with him?

He looked back where i was and looked away

Damn. He's actually so—
No Kayleigh No
You just did not

"Kayleigh? You there?" Said Sydney
"Oh yeah, i'm here" i said
"Do you like Harvey?" She smirked
"Harvey?! There's no way i like him!" I said
"I swear i don't like—" i got hit by a ball and i fell on the ground
"Sorry!" Said a person

"Next time, be careful!" I said
I fixed myself and looked up to see Max looking at me
"What?" I said
"Do you need help?" He said
"No, thanks" i said
"Anyways, have you seen Alexis?" Max asked
"I think she went home" i said
"Alright, bye" He said

"Woah what happened there" Sydney said
"I don't even know" i said and continued walking

Well, this day was an absolute disaster
"Where have you been?" Said my step dad
"Uhm school?" I said
"What took you so long? Go upstairs and fix yourself! We're going somewhere" he said
I ran up stairs and changed my clothes

"Kayleigh?" Sophie said while slowly opening my door
"Can i talk to you for a sec?"
"Sure" I said
I wonder if she's just going to annoy me
"Okay so promise you won't tell mum & dad... especially dad" she said
"What about them?" I said
"Well... dad's being so aggressive to me this week. I don't know what's going on" she said
"I don't know too"
"GIRLS!" My step dad shouted
I groaned and walked downstairs with my sister

"Yeah?" Sophie said
"We have to go now!" He said
We went inside the car
The whole ride was silent
Mum was on her phone and Sophie's just looking through the window.

We arrived at the place
"Hey! You guys are here!" A lady said
"Come in!" She said
There were loads of people
"Okay kids i mean teens, follow me, we have a special area for you guys!" She said
We followed her and there were loads of kids hanging out in this area
"Have fun!" She said

Me & Sophie stood still and looked at each other
We both walked slowly until we reached the chairs
"Uhm this is awkward" Sophie whispered
"Yeah" i said
I looked around the room and saw a person that I don't want to see

"Oh no" i said
"What's wrong?" Sophie said
Sophie noticed the worried look on my face
"Why are you so worried?" She asked
"I said its nothing" i said raising my voice a little
I tried to avoid Harvey but ugh

He saw me and called me
"Kayleigh!" Max said
Which makes Harvey turn around and notice me
"Oh hi Max" i said
"I didn't know that you're invited to this... Party?" He said
"Same, my parents told me to go dress up and yeah"
"That's what my parents said too"
Why didn't they tell us? Hmm

"Oh look who's here" A boy said from behind
I noticed who it was
"Oh hi" i said
"What are you doing here?" Harvey asked
"Same question, what are you doing here?" I said
"I don't know but this is actually boring. So guess what's going to happen" Harvey smirked
I rolled my eyes once again

I stood up from my chair and I tripped
"What the?!" I said
Harvey was laughing like there was no one else in the room
"Ehem?" I said
"Oops!" He said, still laughing
"This is not funny, Harvey!" I said
Harvey stared at me for like 5 minutes
He was kind of smiling
"Uhm hello?" I said
"Hi" he said
"And why were you staring at me?" I said
"I wasn't?"
"Yes you were!"
"Yes you were, Harvey" Max smirked
"I wasn't.. ugh forget it" Harvey said and stood up from his seat and walked away
"I think he likes you" Sophie winked
"Harvey?! No! Why him?!" I said

"He probably does" Max said
"Okay. I had enough of this!" I said and walked outside

Sophie followed me outside and i saw mum and dad
"Oh hi kids! Did you have fun?" Mum asked
"Yeah we totally did" I said sarcastically
"We were about to call you but you guys are here, so lets go" my step dad said

We arrived home and i ran upstairs
I quickly changed and collapsed on my bed
My phone rang

Harvey 🙄: Hey Kayleigh
Kayleigh 🤢: What
Harvey 🙄: Just wanted to say that i do not like you. Don't listen to Max
Kayleigh 🤢: already knew that from the start
Harvey 🙄: good. Anyways gn x

okay then... Harvey just put an "X" at the end of his text
I didn't reply after that
He has been acting strange

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