A Zayn Malik Romance

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Chapter 16

I leaped out of the car and locked it, I had no idea what room he was in?! I guess I better go reception

'Hi I'm looking for Zayn Malik' I panted

'How do you know him? We can't just let anyone in there sorry' The woman said

This woman was really pushing my patience

'I'm..erm his girlfriend' I said quickly

'Oh he's in room 243' She smiled

I smiled back and ran there, oh my god it was ages away! I didn't really look attractive either, I was still in my hoody and joggers. Why do I even care what I look like, I just wanted Zayn to be okay. 

'FAYE!' Everyone shouted as I came outside the room

'WHAT'S HAPPENED?!' I screamed

Harry pulled me to the side

'We don't know why but he's overdosed, I found him in the apartment with an empty box of tablets next to him. The doctors said they need to carry some tests out and inject fluids into him, and he should be okay..they hope' He said camly

'Why would he do this' I cried

'Faye calm down, he will be fine, we know he will' He smiled

'I'm going in' 

'Faye you can't'

'I really couldn't give a fuck what I can and can't do right now' I said going into the room

'Excuse me miss you can't come in here' One of the doctors said

'Is he okay?' I said quickly

'He will be, we've just injected fluid's into him, he just needs some rest'

'Please can I just stay for 5 minutes, please' I begged

The doctor rolled his eyes and nodded, I needed Zayn to wake up. I took a seat next to him..I hadn't seen him since I left. I'd missed him so much.

'Zayn wake up' I whispered holding his hand

I could see his eyes flickering, I was kinda scared..I mean what would he say? What would I say?

'Faye?' He said

'Hey' I smiled shyly

'What, what are you doing here?' He asked confused

'Harry rang me and told me you were in hospital, so I came' 

'You came here for me?'

'Of course I did, I do still care about you Zayn'

'You do?'

'Yes, now..why did you?'

He looked kinda uncomfortable 

'Well..I was depressed, I was missing you and you wouldn't let me tell you the real story'

'It's my fault' I said with a guilty voice

'No no Faye don't think that' He said holding my hand tighter

'Tell me the real story'

'Carly spiked my drink, she kissed me and took a picture quickly but I pushed her off me after it, but I guess it was too late' 

What. The. Fuck. This was all my fault, if I had just listened to Harry and Zayn on the phone none of this would of happened, Zayn wouldn't of nearly been dead and in hospital. Why was everything my fault, this was not a good birthday.

'I'm sorry' I cried

'Faye please don't cry' He begged

'All of this was my fault, if I had just listened to you, you wouldn't be here right now urghh I'm such a ignorant, moody, selfish, stupid cow' I sobbed

'Faye you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, you're none of those things, don't you ever talk bad about yourself'

'I'm so stupid' I said placing my head on the duvet

'Faye stop!!' He laughed

'Why are you laughing' 

'You're beating yourself up to much'

'Zayn you're in hospital because of me!'

'It wasn't all because of that..my grandpa passed while you were away' He said quietly

Oh no..Zayn loved his grandpa he told me so much about him..I wish I had met him, I sat up quickly and hugged him, I didn't know what to say as Zayn was crying now. I kissed him on the head and just hugged him.

'Thank you for my present by the way, I love it'

'I'm glad you like it' He smiled

We stayed hugging for a few minutes

'Zayn?' I asked

He didn't reply, I looked down at him and his eyes were shut. Please say he was sleeping. I shook him but no reply.

'Zayn, please just be sleeping, Zayn' I begged


Dcotors came running in and pushed me out.

'What's happened' Liam panicked

'He wasn't breathing' I cried

Everyone came over and hugged me, why did bad things always happen to me.

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