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"Calum! Come dance with me!" I scream pulling him to the dance floor. I watch him awkwardly look around and just stand there staring at me. He didn't seem comfortable but I was going to make him dance, even if he didn't want to. I knew deep down that Calum loved dancing, even if it was just for fun. Cause who could hate dancing?

"I don't dance!" He shouts over the music a silly smile forming on his face. He stood completely still, almost getting knocked over by some dudes jumping up and down. He looked pissed when they keep hitting him, I watched as he stepped closer to me. We now stood chest to chest, squished between unfamiliar people wanting to get frisky on the dance floor.

"Come on please!" I say grabbing his hands and trying to make him move with the music. He stood still while I swayed back and forth with his arms.

"Only if you tell me your name, your full name." He says smiling at me still. He held down his arms so i couldn't move them anymore. That sneaky little bastard.

I've spent less than an hour with him and I already was feeling something towards him that I couldn't explain. His smiles can make you weak to your knees just by looking at it. It makes you feel like the only girl he ever wants to look at like that. He truly can make a girl do anything with that smile.

As mush as I wanted to be near Calum all the time, my brain was telling me to stay away; telling me not to trust him. But I couldn't help but think what could happen if I did stay near him. Would I be able to trust him? Maybe even let him into my imperfect life? I didn't know what was going to happen between us but lets hope it's all for the best.

"Fine." I grumble looking at his beautiful big brown eyes. "Garland Rose Thompson." I whisper in his ear.

I didn't want anyone else to hear my middle name. It's to girly. But my mom insisted on naming me after my grandmother because I'm the only daughter she has. But there's no use in fighting with her over it anymore. She won't let me change it, even when I turn 18.

"Garland Rose, I like that. It suits you." Calum says looking into my eyes intensely making me slightly uncomfortable. "Now lets dance."

I watch as he starts doing the sprinkler and jumps around making me burst out laughing. Okay , Calum honestly was the worst dancer I had ever seen, and that's saying a lot from the girl who got voted 'worst dancer' for my senior yearbook.

"You're doing wrong! Do it like this!" I shout starting to do the worst impression of the 'shopping cart' dance. I was so awful at dancing that it probably didn't look at all like the 'shopping cart'. My dancing is more just spaz movements, almost like i'm having a a seizure.

"Don't forget this!" Calum shouts and starts the gangnam style dance but fails miserably instantly.

I could feel the stares of the judge mental teens all around us but i didn't care, cause i was with Calum having a great time and nothing could change that. We were equally bad at dancing, which made it ten times better. Not only was i embarrassing myself in front of my peers but Calum was also embarrassing himself in front of people he didn't know. Luckily i would only be seeing these people for the summer before i head off to college far far away from here.

"COPS ARE HERE EVERYBODY RUN!" An unfamiliar voiced shouted once the music was turned off.

Guess I spoke to soon.

"Shit, I can't get arrested. I'm already here on bad terms Garland Rose." Calum whispered in my ear his voice cracking a bit. His face showed strong but his voice said differently.

I didn't know why Calum was here, but right now wasn't the time to figure that out. I knew he was scared though, we did have a few drinks of alcohol and we both are under aged so we could get in trouble. But i don't want him to get in trouble because of me, so this is the time to be useful.

"Don't worry, follow me." I said grabbing his hand and running out the backdoor pushing passed other teenagers in my way.

I felt normal, having his hand in mine. Like we had done this so many times before. Like i had know him for so long. But i haven't it's barely been an hour, but i couldn't help but feel the familiar feeling in my stomach every time Calum and I touched.

"Garland Rose, w-where are we going?" Calum stuttered trying to catch up with my running. I smiled slightly at his squeezing his hand trying to comfort him.

"We are getting out of here, for your sake and mine." I looked back seeing the police lights shine from around the house. I didn't want to get arrest, again. My parents would kill me in a heart beat. They think i'm some kind of pristine young lady that knows how to act and it honestly pisses me off so much.

I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins. I've always loved the adrenaline rush it made me so hyper and happy. To say I'm an adrenaline junky would be an understatement. I love anything that has to deal with adrenaline.

To be completely honest, this wasn't the first time i was running from the cops. But it was the first time i was running from the cops with a hot Australian.

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