I watch as he makes his way through the crowd, glancing around as he then spots his friend and casually walks over to him. They give each other a manly hug before turning to the ring, giving each other looks and laughing away about something; anticipation shining in their eyes.

  Why am I so attracted to this guy? I wonder as my eyes are unable to leave his. His dark black hair frames his pale face, making him look even more gorgeous in the dim lighting of the massive run down factory. I'm about to get lost in thought when a slender hand comes in contact with my shoulder.

"Hey baby." The annoying voice rings in my ears, causing me to internally groan.

  When I turn round to face whoever it is who's talking to me, my eyes reluctantly leave the handsome guy's and they then come in contact with Ruby's blue ones. Her hair is still dazzling as it shines that brilliant and vibrant red. Her nails are manicured as always and I take note of what she's wearing; a pair of black silky shorts and a white strap top, showing off more than enough of her slim body.

"Hi Ruby." I say stiffly.

"Ready to kick that guy's ass?"

  I shrug as a response, my head to full of thoughts of that mysterious yet intriguing young man standing in the large crowd.

"Well I think you'll do just great hunny." She then leans up to kiss me, I swiftly move my head and she plants the kiss on my cheek.

  I wince as her lips seem to burn my skin. She never gets the hint, she doesn't seem to understand that I'm not interested in her or that I never will be, all because I'm different from most guys but you wouldn't think it, not by the way I act or what I do for a living.

"Come on Drake, go get ready. 5 minutes until show time!" My boss orders, pushing me along to my dressnig room.

  With one big sigh of what seems relief, I walk into my dressing room and shuts the door behind me with a soft click. I quickly take off my black jeans and my grey short sleeved top to reveal my large muscular frame.

  I glance at the clock to see that I have exactly 3 minutes to get ready and warm up before it really beings. I then swiftly slip on my dark blue shorts, leaving my chest exposed. I then slip on my red boxing gloves and reminds myself that I need to buy a new pair as these are old and worn out.

  I then take a look in the mirror, to see a boy with dark blond hair and dark blue, nearly black eyes staring back at me. His expression is calm and collected which makes me crack a small smile which hardly ever happens, not since my dad died 4 years ago that is.

  The sudden sound of someone clearing their throat  brings me out of my deep thoughts instantly, causing my head to snap in the direction of the noise. I see my boss standing there in his black suit, all sweaty and out of breath.

"Time's up. Let's hit this show on the road big guy." He says, coming up and patting me on the back.

  I plaster on a fake smile and runs a hand through my hair as I check my boxing gloves and rolls my shoulders back and cracks my neck; warming up. As soon as I walk out of my dressing room and into the hallway, I can hear the crowd going wild, screaming and cheering away. Excitement seems to be thick in the air.

  My boss is talking away the whole time until we get to the stage; waiting for our cue to come on and show ourselves to the audiance and our oppersition. There is movement from across the room and I glance up to see a guy with light blond hair like my own, a cocky and arrogant smile on his face and red shorts which hang low on his waist.

  I look him up and down, knowing that this guy is going to cause trouble and already, I feel my anger starting to bubble up inside me. I roll my shoulders again, cracking my knuckles softly and flexing my muscles as adrenaline pumps round my body.

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