Chapter 2.

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Ive never been happier when the school clock rang. I hurried out of the class room to get home. I could see him chatting with the popular people in my class. Just what i thought. Im just his past, every thing he said was a lie. My last few months have been a lie. ”Liar” i shouted in anger and frustration. People turned around and looked at me, for once i didnt care. I ran through the hallway and grabbed my stuff in my locker. Finally weekend, maybe i dont have to see him the next few days. I felt my frustration controlling my whole body. I couldnt even move a few centimeters, i broke down in the middle of the street, crying. I wanted to punch someone right in the face, i lied there and shouted into the asphalt. 

I could hear a car driving behind me, but i didnt care. Not this time. Relieved i breathed out when i saw the car passing me and driving away. I didnt wanna move, not ever again.

I looked at my hands, covered in blood. I had lied there for hours, punched the ground and shaking. My eyes were sore and i guess they are pretty red too. Wait, what am i crying for? A jerk? Ive been laying here for hours, thinking of him. A person who didnt care? Why am i even spending time on this guy? I jumped up from the ground, feeling a little bit better. I was the stupid one here. Why was i stupid enough to actually think i had a chance? I have to get over him, ill try to convince my self. Ill never think about the jerk, not even a single though. I had a plan. 

(I know this part is short. Sowwie)

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