Chapter 40

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Izzy's P.O.V
Me and Brianna run up the stairs to our room. When I open the door there are 8 boys sprawled out across the room. "All y'all need to get out, now!" I yell grabbing Carter's ankles and dragging him to their room. The other boys groan and get up. Nash walks up to me and helps me throw Carter onto the bed.
"Izzy, why can't I sleep in there? In here I'll have to sleep with Cam." Nash asks. Brianna would cave in if this were Cam but me, hell no. "Sorry Nash we are having a girl sleepover." He sighs and goes into the bathroom. I walk back to our room and start to chuck all the trash away before the other girls come in. Brianna and I frantically jam clothes and crap into bags when the girls walk in. Bailey runs and jumps on the bed. "Are you guys ready to partaayyyy!" She yells. Matt opens the door and walks in. Before he can manipulate Bailey into letting him sleep here, I grab his shoulder and spin him around then push him back into his room. Bailey laughs and throws a pillow at me. "Hey that's ma bæ! Maybe he had something important to say!" She says while laughing. I roll my eyes, "Yah it was don't leave me with the boys." We all start laughing.
"Well what should we do first?" Alex asks plopping into a chair. "Netflix?" Kerissa asks. We all nod and agree. Everyone changes into pajamas and finds a comfy spot. "Wait don't start!" I yell getting up and running to the boys room. "Nash, Cam?!" they both sit up and walk over. "I need you to get the girls some snacks for our sleepover." I order them. They both groan and start walking to the door. "Thats why I love you guys!" I yell before going back to my room. We decide to watch Anchorman 2 because well it's hilarious. In the middle of the movie Cam and Nash walk in with ice cream, popcorn, candy, and drinks. They throw it onto the beds and start back to their room. "Thank you!" Mica and Kerissa yell. They just nod and leave. As soon as the movie ended Jack Gilinsky walks in with a purple wig on. "Alright bitches lets start this party!" He says in a sassy girl voice. We all start to die laughing. Then he notices Alex and Mica and he pulls the wig off. He combs his fingers through his hair. "Oh sorry I didn't know there were other people here." That makes us laugh even harder and he blushes. "Aw Jacky don't blush!" I say. He stares at Mica then realizes I was talking to him and rolls his eyes. Kerissa gets up and shoves him out.
"Oh My Lord All Mighty! Jack totally has a crush on you. Did you see his googly eyes?!" Brianna says to Mica. Mica starts to blush but fights back. "Oh my god no he doesn't! He was just embarrassed." She says. I roll my eyes and we all sit in a circle. "Sadly I have known Jack long enough to know he totally thinks your hot!" I say. She turns red and covers her face. We just laugh and talk until 2 am when we decide to crash. Me, Brianna, and Kerissa are in one bed and Alex, Bailey, and Mica are in the other. Today was good. Girlfriends at times can be 10 times better than guy friends.

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