The girl in the attic

Chapter 1

Preston's POV

I had absolutely no doubt that this was going to be the worst year of my life as I brought my car to a stop in front of the old mansion.

I am going to be spending my senior year living with my crazy Aunt Julie and Uncle Ross. My parents decided they wanted to travel the world and for some reason I don't quite understand they couldn't wait one year for me to finish school. So here I am in the small town of River Creek with a population of four and a half thousand people and nothing interesting to do.

I got out of my car and grabbed my suit case out of the trunk before heading inside to see what awaited me. The mansion's been in my family for years which was quite obvious from the looks of it. Julie is my mother's sister and since she is the oldest she inherited it when my Grandma passed away.

The house has a basement, two floors and an attic. Most of the living areas are on the first floor including Julie and Ross's bedroom which meant I had the whole second floor to myself. I made my way upstairs taking in the strange grey color of the walls and how the wooden floor creaked under my feet with every step I took. All in all the place looked like something out of an old horror movie.

I chose a room at the far end of the house and started moving my things in. My TV, stereo and laptop had already arrived yesterday but was left down stairs, my Uncle and Aunt claimed it was because they didn't know which room I would want but I think it's because they really just didn't care.

It took me the whole day to clean the room, unpack my stuff and connect all the electronics. When I was done I took a quick shower and headed downstairs to get something to eat, I was starving.

Lina, my Aunt and Uncle's housekeeper informed me that she had already made dinner and that she had put mine away. I thought it was rather rude of my Aunt and Uncle to have eaten their dinner without even bothering to call me but that is the way I knew them. They are incredible rich and don't care about anybody but themselves. They believe in living the good life and having people do everything for them. They've never had kids, claiming that they make too much noise and was nothing but worries so I was really surprised when they agreed that I could come and live with them.

Lina warmed up my dinner and I quickly ate it sitting at the table in the kitchen. After I finished eating I headed back upstairs to check my emails and get some sleep. I was exhausted from working the whole day and figured I might as well hit the sack.

I closed my door behind me and took a look outside before closing the blinds. The yard was big and surrounded by trees on every side which eventually led into the forest. It was really dark outside here in the middle of nowhere but I could make out a building that looked like a barn in the distance and I knew there had to be a stream nearby because I could hear the water.

I stood like that for a while wondering how I was going to survive living in a place like this for a whole year. I am used to sandy beaches, wild parties and hot girls, I somehow doubted that I was going to find any of the three here. With a sigh I sat down on my bed and switched on my laptop to see if I had any emails. My inbox told me that I had two new mails so I quickly read them.

The first was from my best friend Devin and it read:

Dude, you're going to be missing out on some serious action. I'm having the party of the century tomorrow and Becky is going to be there!

Becky is the hottest girl in the school and always pretended that she was better than us. She is my ultimate goal.

The second was from my girlfriend. I met Sarah a year ago at one of my parties and we hit it off immediately. She is a bit irritating but her body made up for all that she lacked in personality and the best part about her is that she never seemed to realize that I was cheating on her.

Her email read: Hi Babes! I'm missing you already! Devin is having a huge party tomorrow, it's going to be awesome. I wish you were here. Love Sarah.

I quickly replied to both of their messages and turned off my laptop feeling frustrated. I hate my parents for doing this to me. I was looking forward to spending my senior year throwing the craziest parties imaginable but instead I am stuck in this dump.

I put my laptop on my desk and changed my clothes. I usually just sleep in my boxers but I was warned that it gets really cold here at night so I put on some sweats and a T shirt instead and climbed into bed.

The night was silent except for the sounds of the night animals and the stream in the distance. I couldn't fall asleep so I decided to listen to some music on my I pod. I grabbed it from my bedside table and was just about to put on the headphones when I heard a creaking sound and then a loud thud coming from above.

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