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Prussia: Vers
The Awesome Prussia can be anything he wants to be.

Canada: Bottom
I really want to bone him.

Russia: Top
This might seem mean, but imagining him as bottom is kind of funny. I also imagine him as the type of guy who is a teddy bear in the streets and a beast in the sheets so it fits the most. (Typing that was weird).

America: Bottom/Vers
I feel like he's the type of guy who would like to try out everything. I also want to bone him.

England: Top
This is a very unpopular opinion and a biased one too. The explanation would be too long though.
Just seeing fanart of the 'tiny, tsundere uke' bothers me. He's not tiny. Also, tsundere 'semes' are a thing too.

France: Bottom:
I want to bone him too. Also... I think of him as a fem with a spoonful of masc if that makes sense

Sweden: Top/Vers
If I imagine him as a bottom I laugh a little, but to be honest I believe he would totally submit to a masc guy.

Finland: Vers
He's metal af, he can do anything.

Lithuania: Top/Vers
Although he would rather top, it takes the right person to bring his submissive side.

Poland: Bottom
I tried to not think of stereotypes, but Poland is literally a gay stereotype and not in a negative way. It makes sense since he's very feminine and enjoys cross dressing which is usually done by the submissive person. (I literally have no idea, this is probably 100% a stereotype).

Spain: Vers
I don't know to explain.. it just fits his personality. I think it's similar to Greece's explanation. Also; dat booty

Romano: Vers
Tells everyone he's a top because that's obviously 'manly af' but he can be very submissive when he's in the mood.

Denmark: Vers
Same as America. It also depends a lot on who he's dating.

Norway: ?
A lot of people think of him as bottom. Some part of me thinks he would be ace, but if he weren't.. I don't know. Bottom seems to be the 'closest' answer, but I can't figure out a reason why that would be.

Germany: Top
Him as a bottom makes me laugh since he's the kind of guy Sweden could be dominated by (also Fin, if you're into that). I wouldn't describe him as 'masc' because he's a softie though that's totally what he looks like. (Again with the stereotypes).

Italy: Vers
Although seeming to be very innocent and naive, he's quite a flirty and smooth guy, actually.

Greece: Vers
He's the king of sexual inter-course, I think it's pretty obvious that he should be experienced from both point of views.

Japan: Bottom/Vers???
He's adorable and stuff and he's done the do with the King of Sexual Inter-course, but he's also a hecking samurai that kicks ass so I mean, I have no idea.

Turkey: Top
He's one of those dudes who'd rather top everyone because it makes him feel manly. He is also not comfortable with his masculinity so that would make sense, I think.

China: Vers
I mean, he's old af I bet he's had lots of time and experience.

I hope this is not offensive to anyone, that was not what I was going for. I don't know much about sexual inter-course, I apologize.

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