Chapter 12

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* fourth day into the week*

Dimitri's POV:

"Is that all Kyle?"

"You also have a meeting later at 3 with Madam Florence about the stocks you've bought."


"That's all for now Boss. Then I shall take my leave now." Kyle bowed slightly and prepared to leave. Wait, now is a good time to ask him.


"Yes Boss?" He turned around quickly and stood there rooted like like he was going to get punished or lectured.

"'re gay right?" His eyes popped open in surprise at my words. Chill...I don't lecture or punish people for fun.

"A-Ah...y-yes..." He answered flustered as his cheeks turned pink.

"I know this will sound weird but how to you pick up guys or how do you like to be picked up?"

"Um...pick up lines? I mean that's the most basic thing people uses?"

"If the opposite is a chef?"

"Use food type of pick up lines?"

"If pick up lines don't work?"

"Bring the guy to somewhere he love or have lots of memories? I'm not really a love expert..."

"Okay. Thanks. You may go now."

"Can I ask you one question Boss?" He asks hesitantly.


"Are those tips for you?"

"What? No. It's for a friend."

"Oh. I see. I shall be on my way now." He closed the door behind him, leaving me in solitude.

12pm...Ray should be here soon. Hopefully pick up lines will work...he's been so cold to me. But what tyep of lines are pick up lines? I've never used any before...

Searching the internet for pick up lines, more than a hundred appeared before my very own eyes. Food ones...oh my goodness, they're all so cheesy. My goose pimples have all  appeared with just reading 3 of those lines.

I can't believe I'm even doing this for a guy. Hopefully these pays off or I'll die in embarrassment and as a vengeful ghost.

15 more minutes till Ray comes. He always comes at 12.45pm for the past two days. I wonder what he does during before he comes. Hopefully not spending time with the Chris guy. I won't allow that.

Maybe I should just employ him as my personal assistant.  That way I can spend most of my time with him and spend less time worrying that he'll be doing with the Chris guy.

Should I?

Turning back to the computer screen, I scanned through the pick up lines while my eyes cringe at the sentences. I hope I don't get eye cancer after this. I can't even read it alone, how am I even going to say it to someone?

Man up Dimitri. If you don't dare to do this, you are not the fearless Dimitri but the coward Dimitri. You have balls right? So you can do it.


"What is this?" I look at the neatly arranged simple looking foreign dish in front of me as Ray opened the lid. I never see a dish like this before.

 I never see a dish like this before

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"Hainanese Chicken Rice. A Singapore local dish." Ray says proudly as he introduced the dish to me.

"Singapore?" I've never been there before.

"Yes. It's a very small country compared to ours if you search it up the world map. They sell a wide variety of food from different countries like Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Italy and many others.

It's like a food paradise there where you can try food from different countries in just one place." He says fully engrossed as his eyes sparkled with every word he said. I think I know how to strike up a conversation with him without being so uptight already.

"Wow. I've never been to Singapore before." I said, amused by his vast knowledge of cuisines of different countries

"I've been there once for a week. The food there are amazing but the weather is too hot. Wearing clothes like this is will just result in a heat stroke." He chuckled lightly as he pointed to his tight fitted sweater and skinny jeans.

He looks hot in those. His ass looks so delectable, I want to pour molten chocolate on those luscious cheeks and top it with chopped strawberries and bananas, eating them off his cheeks before licking the chocolate clean. That would be the best dessert on earth and it's for me only.

I bet it's every gay man's dream to eat what they like off their lover's body, watching them moan, pant and squirm in pleasure, begging for more as their lover's tongue run over their sensitive spots. Ah shit, I'm getting hard with that thought.

"Are you okay?" I snapped out of my fantasy to see him staring down at me concernly. "Why aren't you eating? Are you unwell?" If I'm unwell, your concern for me is the best medicine I can ever get.

"Hey, Ray?"

"Yeah?" It's now or never...

"Are you a banana?" He looked at me like I'm nuts. "Because I find you a peeling."

He went speechless for a moment, a slight blush covering his cheeks. "What are you trying to do?"

"Are you a rock melon?" He opened his mouth to say something but I quickly shut him off. "Because you rock my world like nobody else."

"Are you trying to pick me up?" He asked impassively, folding his arms as he raised a brow at me unamused.

"Is it working?" He gave me a are-you-serious look before giving me an answer which I've expected.


"I knew this was hopeless. Arghhh. This is so humiliating." I knocked my head repeatedly against the desk in embarrassment before a strong hand caught my forehead.

"Stop that. It's not picking me up but it was entertaining." His hand is so warm and comfortable.

"I feel like I made a fool of myself."

"You did. But it's funny." I looked up to see him grinning with soft eyes. He looks so attractive. He should smile more often.

"You don't mind me picking you up?"

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"You don't mind me picking you up?"

"I'm gay and you'rekindahot..." He rushed through the last few words but I caught them anyway. "But that doesn't mean that I'll forgive you for what you had done to my shop and I won't fall into your arms easily."

"But you're willing to give me a chance?" I looked at him hopefully as he pondered for a moment.

"I guess so...I have nothing to lose."

"Yes!" I finally have a chance! I can't believe it.

"But you're still an asshole."

"Yes yes. I am an asshole or whatever you call me."

"Now eat your food asshole. It's getting cold." He ordered, pointing at the meal he made.

"Yes Sir!" He shook his head in disbelief as a slight smile appeared on his face.

I feel like I'm in heaven.

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