Diary of a Superstar's crush ♥ Entry #1

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Dear Diary,

                Hi. I really have no idea what got into me. I really don’t know either why did I decide to have this diary. Anyway, I figured out I should tell you about myself first.

                My name is Elle Marie Hathaway, 16 years of age. I have long, sleek and straight jet black hair that hung just an inch above my waist and I love to wear it in soft curls. My dark hair is a big contrast to my light eyes which are like sky blue in color and not bragging, the envy of the whole school. I’m not chubby and I’m not skinny either. I simply have a slender feminine figure I inherited from my mom. I have fair complexion, not really a standout in the streets of Los Angeles Metropolitan area. My height is 5’5, which is just average for a girl. So you can sum it up, I’m just an average girl with a normal life.

                I’m an only child. Some truth that makes me sad. It might have been a little more fun if I did have a brother or sister. Dad died when I was 8 and mom was left to take care of me. She never remarried though. And one thing my mom was proud of, she made a real nice life for both of us. She works in a big company of designer’s clothes so you know what. She’s a fashion mom and she influences me on that. Also, she has her own pastry shop near our house, down the block. She has her own employees there. And she asks me to check it thrice a week while she goes there only once a week.

                Random facts about me? I’m a big klutz in sports, meaning I’m like a fool during gym classes. Which is a big nightmare for me. To be honest, I never think I’ve been good in anything I did. Well, studies is an exception of course. I’ve always been getting straight As since I was in elementary school. Which branded me as the academy’s freaky genius girl by the academy’s unspoken cliques during my elementary and middle school. I’m still the academy’s genius girl this high school but at least, the ‘freaky’ was removed. Well. To give you a sneak peek to what was me before during my elementary and middle school, I’m going to tell you what I looked like.

                I’d been the target of class bullies back then due to my geeky appearance. I was skinny and gawky. I also wore stupid braces that time but thank God I’m all done with those now. And you’re right, glasses to complete the geeky getup. Well, I am myopic so I have to wear glasses that time. Thank God mom allowed me to replace those with contact lenses now. I’ve always been bullied by boys due to my silly appearance.

                Sigh. Past is past, I guess. The academy where I am studying since my elementary years is an escalator school, meaning I still see my classmates during my early years until now. Mom always said when I come crying to her after I’d been bullied that I will bloom someday. I will leave that skinny frame, take off the braces. She assured me that. And it did come true.

                I’ve transformed into a decent young lady when I step into high school three years ago. And I got a peaceful life at school. No one bullies me anymore. Instead, they all look at me like I was their good friend. And no one was. Except for Zuri and Gabriel who transferred to my class that fateful first day of third grade. We became instant best friends. Our moms became the best of friends too.

 Well, I guess I got my payback. The boys who bullied me tried to follow me around, apologizing and then trying to ask me out. But I ignored them all. My late bloom was all worth it.

                So that’s the main reason, I guess, why I hate guys. Gab is an exception. I created a big gap from the rest of them. Those bullied years had, I think, made an impact in my social thinking. So that means, I’ve never had any boyfriend, even though it’s like a requirement when someone enters high school. Now I wonder who is the guy that can break the walls around me. Or if ever there was a guy willing to do that.

Carpe Diem,


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