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NIA'S EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY FINALLY came and her, Ameila, and Iesha planned on going to club. They weren't old enough but it was common for underaged people to tip the bouncer to get in. Nia was in the bathroom about to do her make up when Allison stood in the doorway, watching her search through her make up bag. Nia knew she was there but chose to ignore her since she hadn't wished her a happy birthday all day. She hadn't been home all day either. Nia eventually got tired of her mother looking at her and not saying anything. She sighed and turned to her. "Yes? Why you just standing there like a creep?"

"Happy birthday baby," Allison said, walking into the bathroom and hugging her.

"Thank you," Nia said, allowing her to hug her for only a second before she gently pushed her away.

Allison put her hands on her hips. "What? You too grown for me to hug you now?

That wasn't it. Allison's clothes were dirty and she needed a shower. Nia wasn't going to tell her that though.

"Anyway, you going out tonight? Let me do your make up."

Nia was against it at first but her mother looked like she would cry if she said no. "Okay, but wash your hands first." She stepped aside so her mother could use the sink. When she was finished washing her hands, Nia sat on top of the toilet lid and allowed her mother to beat her face. Nia looked in the hand mirror she had a couple of times and liked what she saw so far. Why can't she be like this all the time?, Nia thought. This was the type of mother she wanted. Not one that was strung out to the point where she didn't know her head from her ass.

When Allsion was done with Nia's make up, she pulled her up and put her in front of the mirror to stand. She stepped back and clasped her hands together, looking froward to Nia's reaction.

"Wow, ma, you did a good job," Nia said, surprised as she looked at herself in the vanity mirror. She let down her curls and adjusted her bodycon dress. After Nia was done getting ready, she followed her mother out of the bathroom. That's when she saw the man from the other night. He was sitting in the livingroom and stood up when he saw Nia. She immediately began to feel sick to her stomach. She backed up, bumping into her mother.

"Nia, you remember, Cliff," Allsion said, smiling.

"W-w-what about him?"

"He wants to talk to you. Go ahead now." Allison pushed her forward.

Cliff was looking at Nia like she was a juicy steak. It didn't take her long to put the pieces together and realize her mother had only done her make up so she would look good for the older man. Her mother had done a lot of things to break her heart but nothing could top this. Her own mother was trying to sell her for drugs. "No!" Nia yelled, at Allison.

That made Allison mad. She grabbed her daughter by the arm so hard, her nails were digging into her skin. She began to drag her against her will to Cliff, who was undoing his pants. He pulled out his dick which was erect from the sight of Nia in the short bodycon dress she wore.

"Ma, stop!" Nia cried, trying her best not to hit her mother who was still dragging her. She tried to pull away but Allsion had overpowered her.

Cliff took Nia away from Allsion and pinned her on the couch by her arms. He licked all over her chest with his nasty tongue before he forced it inside of her mouth and kissed her. Nia could hardly breathe because of how heavy he was.

Cliff straddled Nia and began to stroke his dick. He said to Allsion, "Hold her head."

Allsion held Nia's head as Cliff's dick inched closer to her mouth. Nia's eyes widened before she began to shake her head from out of her mother's hold and shut her mouth tight.

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