Chapter 2: A friend or a foe

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-Hwasa's P.O.V.-

I keep searching for Wheein but I can't find her. She is the main reason why I choose to enroll at MooMoo Academy.

I remember the old days when I and Wheein playing together. I miss my bestfriend. I miss my first love. I miss everything about her.

I really don't know if she can remember me, but the most important thing is to see her again.

While searching for Wheein, I saw Solar crying near the school statue. I went beside her and lend my handkerchief.

"Thanks!" She said.

She take the handkerchief. But she didn't stop crying.

"I'm willing to listen if you want to share it with me, but its up to you" I said.

"I'm just sad" Solar said while crying.

"What makes you sad?" I asked.

"I heard the news that MoonByul and Wheein is now officially dating" she answered.

Did I hear it correctly? She mentioned Wheein's name.

"You mentioned Wheein, right?" I asked again. Maybe I didn't catch the name.

"Yes! MoonByul and Wheein is now officially dating. It hurts so much" Solar answered.


The voice was so familiar, so I turned to see who called my name.

"Hwasa, it's me, Wheein. Your childhood friend" Wheein said while smiling at me.

I smiled back.

"I'm happy to see you, Wheein" I said.

Suddenly, MoonByul came in. My world stops when I saw MoonByul kissed Wheein. My happiness changed into a gloomy mood.

"Wheein, let's go!" MoonByul said.

"See you later, Hwasa!" Wheein said while waving her left hand.

I smirked.

"Wheein is such a lucky girl to have MoonByul" Solar said.

I looked to Solar. I can see that she is inlove with MoonByul. Then, I got an idea.

"Wheein is mine. I'll make you pay, MoonByul" as I whispered to myself.

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