Short chapter and kind of depressing... But next one will be longer and more happier toned! Promise :)


Chapter 2

"Gee wiz and I thought I liked One Direction." Olivia said sporting her One Direction t-shirt as we came upon the Madison Square Garden where One Direction was playing at. It was currently five pm, meaning we were a whole hour early until the doors opened to the arena. Then again we would have been a whole three hours early if I hadn't argued with Olivia. I was able to beat her down a whole two hours, something I was proud of since she was so excited about this concert. I looked over at Olivia, she was definitely a, as they call it, Directioner. She was wearing her shorts, with her One Direction t-shirt, her hair was down with a couple of Directioner wristbands going up her arm and she had a One Direction CD for them to sign, if we even got to meet them.

I, on the other hand, was wearing my red shorts and my mickey mouse sweater with my red converse. Olivia had wanted me to wear one of her One Direction t-shirts, but I refused. I didn't even "listen" to the band, I barely knew who they were, so I shouldn't be sporting some of their franchise unless I knew and liked the band. We looked outside the taxi cab window to see a line of girls from the doors of the arena all the way around. It was completely insane. 'Are they really that good?' I asked looking over at Olivia as we stepped out of the cab. She looked over at me, giving me one of her small smiles, meaning she was feeling guilty that she could listen to this band and I couldn't.

"Yeah, I really love them. And looks like I've got a lot of competition." Olivia responded with a wide smile as I rolled my eyes and then grabbed her wrist.

'Then your concert winnings had better have given us some good seats or else we'll have to fight our way through these hoard of girls.' I replied as I pulled her along the streets to the long line. Olivia gave me a large smile as I looked towards all the gossiping girls, I suddenly felt guilty for being deaf. Olivia wouldn't be able to have a normal conversation with me like all these other girls were having, she'd be the only one talking while I was signing. 

We stood in the line as Olivia rambled off about the band and who was her favorite, she came to a conclusion that she couldn't pick, and about how she would meet them either tonight or when we went back to our hotel. I just stood there listening to her, wishing I could somehow in someway join, but what could I say? I didn't listen to music, I didn't know who One Direction was, I couldn't even really talk back to her. All I could do was sign and even then, I suddenly felt self conscious because girls were staring at me. I felt someone grab my shoulder as I looked over at Olivia, "Don't pay attention to them, they are probably just amazed on how you can sign so fast. You're like a speed demon!"

'I know,' I responded slowly, 'I just feel bad that you have to go through it as well. I mean it's like you're having a one sided conversation. I wish I could at least have enough courage to talk…'

Olivia smiled down at me as she lifted her hands up, 'Then shall I sign with you? That way we both are having a cool conversation that no one else can have. Plus no one will be able to figure out what we're saying!' Olivia signed as she did her fake maniacal laugh towards me, I doubled over in laughter as she signed at me while the girl's faces around me were a mixture of confusion and amazement as they stared at us. This was why she was my best friend.

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