This book DID NOT contain the war! The actual war will be in the NEXT book, 'The War Bond' hints the title. 

A lot of people were saying how they were upset that 'the war' was one chapter.... IT NEVER HAPPENED. lol

It was just a war front they visited that contained the gas they need to get rid of! 

They Royal Bond was just a kick off for the series. The other books are way longer and more detailed etc. Though, some people love Christian and Scarlett just as much as I do, they were not the main focus on the series. Just to start a plot off and introduce plot holes and characters for spin offs :)

So YES the war bond is the SEQUEL to this book. 

Many asked why this book is shorter is because the others are just going to be one full book and nothing else, while as Im doing another book that is going to be Scarlett and Christians kid to tie up the series. Kinda like a loop. So this book was shorter and just a starter. 

I hope you understand :) 

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