1. Phantom

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Author: seasidestyles

Description: The tragic love story of a sad girl and a dead boy who must work together to find his killer amid heartbreak, mystery, and learning that perhaps death is not the end.

Rating: 10/10

Favorite Quote: Mors non est finis, Death is not the end.


Immediately, this is my definite number 1! I read it years ago, and I just instantly fell in love with the characters and the story! I mean come on! Ghost Harry? A sad, sarcastic girl? It's inevitable to fall in love with this story. It's so eerie and strange and different. I could say that this book made me swoon so many times and Tess's version of Harry is by far my most favorite Harry. The creativity in this book is uncanny, and it deserves to be in everyone's library. When it was taken down, I spent weeks trying to find it, and now I'm so happy and relieved that Tess is back on wattpad!

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