Kingdom Flaws (14)

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My wrist was throbbing immensely. It felt as if someone kept on stabbing it repeatedly as it thumped up and down visibly. I grasped it with my free hand and winced. The pain vibrating across my body like a tremor.

"I don't care what you say," I snapped with rage. "They are my family-They are...Th-they are-"

"Nemesis..." Yerksa sounded hesitant.

"You can't tell me their not!" I shouted, my voice creating a boom of air. "It-it wasn't me who did that," I blinked several times. "You believe me, right?" I placed both hands on my ears. "Right Yerksa?"

"Nemesis," she whispered her expression horrified.

"I knew for awhile they weren't my family," I started to sob. "But I didn't want to-I-I didn't want to know," I sniffed. The tears coming out as bucket loads. "I grew up with them, i love them-That's what counts!" I shouted slapping my chest.

I needled forward hugging myself as I silently cried. "I'm so angry," I hissed. "I can feel it Yerksa! It's eating me alive!" I cried staring at her.

Yerska threw her sword to the ground and walked towards me limp. I was shaking all over. A salty taste at the tip of my tongue I saw there on my knees. The air around me tense and wet, i breathed it down softly. Almost instantaneously i felt everything around me relax.

Yerksa took one final step and slumped onto the ground. Her eyes teary, her face scrunched up with denial almost. The whole expression making her look way older than the youth plastered on her skin.

"You can't tell anyone," I shook my head. "You just can't-"

"Ssh.." Yerksa hushed me wrapping her arms around me.

I tensed up immediately from her touch and blinked several times. My anger dissolving first into frustration and then into pure sadness.

"I'm not one to usually lend shoulders," she murmured."But you need one right now dreary-"

"You can't tell anyone.." I whispered closing my eyes and letting the tears flow. A sudden pressure against my neck made me feel dizzy. "You can't-please..."

In seconds I was-



(-Yerksa's POV-)

Squeezing the side of her neck, Nemesis's body slumped on top of me. I swallowed forcefully to only find her holding tightly on to me. I wanted to hold in the tears, but I couldn't. I wouldn't accept this truth. I wouldn't let her know of the daunting truth that was hitting me square in the gut right now.

I lifted a shaking hand and placed it on my mouth. This girl. She reminded me of someone so much it made me want to cry. The tears climbing to my eyes before I could compose them. It-it was impossible almost. No one has ever forced me to break from the mold I've crafted and perfect for years! Yet she...

She destroyed it with mere words that broke my heart.

I couldn't afford to let her see me crying. Yerksa herself, me! I couldn't even fathom why i was crying right now. My heart wrenching as I combed the poor girls head.